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First Generation Scholarship Fund

Providing Opportunities for All

College exists to improve communities and the world. Higher education especially improves the lives of those from families where parents are not college educated. First-generation students, those for whom neither parent has completed a 4-year degree, are especially valuable to our communities and nation, as they often work and live in areas where a college education can make the most difference. 

A higher education has long been the key to a better life. No matter the economy, college graduates do better. Without a degree, people’s options are limited. Economic reality can force a person to take a job that disagrees with their values, or a job that ruins their chances of advancing into a comfortable family life. College degrees promote jobs and entrepreneurship, and they also give people work and cultural options that can allow them more success with their families and communities. 

In an era where small businesses are closing and many good jobs have moved overseas, some people doubt the American Dream. We remain loyal to the dream, and are promoting it. Education is a powerful equalizer. We believe we have an obligation to help give first generation students the same opportunity as others. This opportunity will allow them to have increased success in their communities, and allow them to pay it forward to the next generation. 

This spirit of giving has continued as a $5,000 challenge gift has been pledged in support of the scholarship fund. This gift was given in the hopes of raising another $5,000 by the community to contribute to this worthy cause. If you would like to be a part of meeting that goal, donate today by clicking the donation button, by mailing a gift to College Heights Foundation, or by giving us a call at 270-745-4597. 

Invest in our shared future! Your contribution goes to lift a person from limited career opportunity and lower income to career choice, entrepreneurship, and success. We believe that equipping first generation students with college degrees helps grow the success of their families, their communities, and our nation in this world. Everyone deserves a chance at the dream.


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 Last Modified 3/25/19