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Scholarship Endowment

Purpose, Procedures, and Planning for a Scholarship Endowment 


An endowment provides a permanent source of funding to ensure that a scholarship is awarded in perpetuity to honor the wishes of the donor.


1) A donor makes a philanthropic gift to establish the scholarship fund. This gift can be made by writing a check, transferring appreciated securities, giving real estate, funding through a will bequest, or a variety of other giving vehicles.

2) The gift is deposited in the College Heights Foundation and invested annually (balance of equities and fixed income). 4% of the earnings are awarded to the scholarship recipient, 1.5% management fee is assessed for administering and investing the funds, and the remaining interest earned is placed back in the corpus of the endowment to keep the fund growing through down markets and to keep pace with inflation and tuition increases. For example: if $100,000 is given to establish the fund and the investments earned 10% interest, then $4,000 would be awarded to the scholarship recipient, $1500 would pay for the administration of the fund, and the other $4,000 would be placed back in the endowed fund to create a new balance of $104,000.

3) The donor can determine how the scholarship fund will be used and develop criteria for the recipients.

4) The scholarship will be applied to the account of the recipient so the student’s out of  pocket expenses to the institution will be decreased by the amount of the scholarship.

Scholarship Needs

The costs of an annual Western Kentucky University education are currently:

In-State Tuition:
Meal Plan:

With these numbers rising each year, students need help more than ever. A donor can make a gift according to the costs she wishes to cover for a student, such as creating an endowment that would ensure enough for a student's tuition and books. 

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