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College of Education and Behavioral Sciences

Field Placement Guidelines for Observation Hours

Classes Placed for Observation Hours:

  • EDU 250
  • MGE 275, MGE 385, MGE 477, MGE 475, MGE 481,
  • SEC 351, SEC 352, SEC 453, SEC 481, SEC 475, SEC 477, SEC 479, SEC 478
  • LTCY 421 and LTCY 444
  • PSY 310
  • SPED 330
  • (Elementary Education Classes are Scheduled Separately)
  • All Content Area Education Classes – such as MUS, ART, PE, etc.

Field Placement Professional Code of Conduct

As a WKU Education student observing in a Kentucky public school, you will need to be informed of the following guidelines and procedures.

  1. WKU students should use email as their primary source of contacting their assigned field placement hosting teacher.  Email is less intrusive to instruction in the classroom
  2. WKU students should adhere to the follow professional dress code: 
  • Hats are not worn.
  • Skirts must be long enough to reach the wearer’s fingertips.
  • Shirts are not sleeveless, show cleavage, or low cut.
  • No tobacco, drug or alcohol endorsements on attire.
  • Cell phones are not used or heard on premises in presence of students or during meetings.
  • All piercings (except for earrings) should be removed and/or covered.
  • All tattoos should be covered.
  • Students should follow any additional guidelines noted in the assigned school professional code of conduct.
  1. WKU students are to enter the building using the front entrance and sign in at the office as a visitor.  Please sign out when leaving the premises.
  2. If you are scheduled to observe, then be on time and ready to assist and observe.
  3. If you decide NOT to complete your placement hours at an assigned Bowling Green/Warren County school then you must complete an Out of Area request form online. You may request the link for this form from field.hours@wku.edu.

For Criminal Background Check, Physical and TB Screening information, contact: Ms. Andrea Ford

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