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College of Education and Behavioral Sciences

EDU 595: Directed Study in Education or Behavioral Sciences

Catalog course description

Directed study related to best practices in education or behavioral sciences. Requires completion of research project on approved topic.


Completion of at least 21 hours in the program including all other core requirements, and permission of faculty supervisor. Restricted to students admitted to MAE program in Education and Behavioral Science Studies.

Course overview

Designed as a culminating experience for the program in Education and Behavioral Science Studies, this course will give you the opportunity to:

  • integrate your course work toward a common focus, utilizing knowledge and skills developed in previous courses in the program,
  • demonstrate skills in researching an approved topic consistent with your professional goals, and
  • demonstrate ability to apply knowledge and skills toward the identification, investigation, assessment, analysis, and solution of a current problem in an area of your interests.

Course objectives

This course is intended to help you develop your abilities to:

  • identify issues and problems in your intended professional field,
  • examine relevant research for history of and potential solutions for a selected problem,
  • identify relevant change models related to the selected problem,
  • develop potential solutions and identify resources necessary to implement those solutions, and
  • develop the habit of reflective practice to evaluate effectiveness of proposed solutions.

Course requirements

You will be expected to complete readings and assignments on an instructor-approved topic related to your professional goals. Some readings or assignments may be generic ones that encourage you to investigate change theory and models of change, whereas others may be more specific to the topic you have selected as the focus for your project. Working independently, you will complete a culminating research project. In most cases you will develop an "action research" project; you will identify a problem, conduct a review of the literature, analyze the problem, and propose possible solutions. In some cases, you may test out your proposed solutions and analyze your findings. Depending on your professional goals and the targeted issue selected, some of you may design alternative projects such as reviewing software or instructional resources in a certain area. The topic of your culminating research project and the plan for your project must be approved by the faculty supervisor before you begin work on the project. The final written project must be submitted in APA style, and it will be evaluated for quality of writing as well as for the substance of your research and analysis. A rubric for evaluating the final project will be provided at the beginning of the semester in which you enroll.

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