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College of Education and Behavioral Sciences

Video Transcript

Video: Programs in the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences at WKU

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Dr. Sam Evans: The mission of the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences is to empower individuals to lead and serve our dynamic world. One thing that is extremely important regardless of the discipline in which you are majoring, is the fact that you have opportunities to develop communication skills, their ability to work with individuals in diverse settings, and we also think about developing critical and creative thinking skills, so it's much more than just the knowledge and skill related to your discipline.

McKenzie Perdew: I think WKU is the best place to help me because it's a very conducive learning environment, the professors are extremely helpful, everybody is here to see you succeed to your highest abilities.

Dr. Sam Evans: I think another thing that you will find here is the idea that we have individuals who truly care about student learning. Opportunities are made available for hands on experience; you're going to be in settings very similar to those in which you hope to seek a career. It's almost a personalized learning environment, making sure that we work with the students to help each and every individual achieve their goal.

Meg McDonald: From your first semester in the program, you're going to be in a classroom hands on with students, and that's something that not every other program can say. I've already had the experience of teaching on my own, and having professors observe me, and getting to work hand in hands with students, so that when I actually go into my real classroom, I can look back on that practice and know that I'll be prepared.

Dr. Sam Evans: When we look at international opportunities, we don't limit these to just our undergrad students.

Dr. Fred Carter: The purpose of the international student teaching program is to be able to teach to diversity, we're trying to prepare teachers who can not just teach the students who have been here and lived in Bowling Green all their lives, but those who have come here from across the world. I actually did a study about three years ago of employment statistics, and at that time here at WKU we had about a 56% employment rate so we were about three times the national average, of those who participated in an international teaching segment we had a 100% employment rates.

Dr. Pitt Derryberry: The psychology program is designed for students who are interested in working with people in a variety of settings, from helping professions to research. The focus of the psychology program is to provide the kind of course research and community based hands on experiences that will allow our students to excel. Whether they choose to gain employment immediately after graduation, or pursue graduate study. Regardless of the path they choose students in psychology are afforded the flexibility to tailor the program to meet their career goals.

McKenzie Perdew: I think that the professors in WKU's psychology department make it stand out more than other universities. The professors that I have had so far have been tremendously helpful, and I think that's a big difference from other universities.

Dr. Sam Evans: When I look at military science and leadership we are preparing individuals to be leaders in the US Army. They have a lot of real world experiences and preparation for becoming a second lieutenant upon graduation from WKU, and the folks who have left WKU as a second lieutenant have done a phenomenal job in not only leading within their battalion, brigade, but in being leaders in the US Army.

Meg McDonald: I've come to love WKU more than I love even my own hometown. There's a really authentic community here, and the people that are on this campus genuinely care about others, and we want to succeed.





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