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March for Our Lives


March for Our Lives

March for our lives

On March 24, the March for Our Lives movement will take to the streets to demand that we end the epidemic of mass shootings in our schools today. Bowling Green's March will start at Cherry Hall on WKU's campus at 11am and end at Fountain Square for the afternoon program!

Bowling Green's March is going to be one of a kind! We will indeed march for our children's lives and the fight for gun regulation...and parents, your kids aren't as active on Facebook, so make sure they know how to get involved if they want to! As a community though, we will also make the day about a broader understanding of gun violence...think of all the vulnerable populations being impacted!

For instance, it's all too often we hear about another life taken in a gun-related domestic dispute. To all the people out there living in fear of fatal danger at the hands of an abusive loved one, we're here for you too.

Our wise friend Roxane Gay, @rgay on Twitter, makes a great point that our youth participating in the Black Lives Matter movement haven't really been held up and supported in the same way. So this March is for ALL of our amazing, young activists fighting for their right to live safely in their schools and neighborhoods.

Our LGBTQIA+ friends...we love you. And we know that you too live in fear of violence and acts of hate and terror. We stand with you also in the fight against gun violence.

To the parents and families of those who in our community that have have been shot and killed due to drug or gang-related violence...we're marching for you too.

To our students! We're sorry you've had to live in a society where going to school has become a fatal risk. We join you in the fight for safer schools. We are COMMITTED. Dear teachers and staff, we're fighting with you too to have the resources and support you need to do the amazing job that you do! 
Folks...this is just so much bigger and more complex than we could ever imagine. There is so much work to be done. Let's dig in.

We can't wait to see our community come together on March 24th! Planning meetings are 5pm on Wednesdays for the next three weeks...send us your kiddos to help with preparations!! Contact through Messenger for more info on planning.

More information coming soon about t-shirts and other March goodies. Sign-making available at the CCSJ on weekdays 8-4:30...come on by! Be sure and post your signs and sign ideas on our page!

Lastly, if you are a young person, and you can help us mobilize your classmates to get involved, we want to hear from you! Happy planning, y'all!

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