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Deliberative Dialogue on Safety & Justice:  How Should Communities Reduce Violence? 

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"Deliberative dialogue" refers to a face-to-face method of communication where a small, diverse group of individuals exchange ideas and opinions in search of the best solution to a problem. This democratic style of dialogue and deliberation help build civic capacities by teaching students how to come together and have productive discussions (not debates) about the most complex and often divisive social issues we encounter today. It teaches students to look for common ground and be willing to compromise when appropriate to help build consensus in how solutions are reached when solving public problems.

The WKU Center for Citizenship & Social Justice will host the Deliberative Dialogue on Safety and Justicein partnership with the Diversity & Equity & Inclusion Committee, utilizing Dr. Holland's T.R.U.T.H. Talk Series (True Racial Understanding Through Honest Talks), which is designed to keep the campus community talking about issues of race, diversity, and inclusion.

The talk will focus on a topic the entire nation has been focused on: Safety and Justice. Through the deliberative dialogue process, participants will explore the question "How should communities reduce violence?" together and determine ideal next steps in addressing these issues as a community. How should we ensure that Americans are treated with respect and fairness? What should we do to ensure that the police have the support they need to fairly enforce the law? What should we do as citizens to help reduce violence of all kinds in our communities and the nation as a whole? How should communities increase safety while at the same time ensuring justice? These questions and more will be the focus of our discussion.

To register for the Deliberative Dialogue on Safety & Justice on February 20th, please fill out the form below.

**Community members should disregard the request for 800 number in the registration.** For information about parking, please contact leah.ashwill@wku.edu. 



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