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WKU Center for Citizenship & Social Justice

Citizenship & Social Justice Minor


Core Classes:

CSJ 200 - Introduction to Social Justice, with D. Cuomo - Fall and Spring

An introductory study of theories, concepts and strategies of social justice, including individual action, policy, advocacy, and collective action.


CSJ 301 – Seminar in Social Justice, with A. Spaulding - Fall 2017 and M.Kerby - Spring 2018

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CSJ 435 - Reimagining Citizenship, with D. Cuomo - Spring 2018 - CSJ 435 ONLY OFFERED IN SPRING SEMESTERS

Drawing on interdisciplinary scholarship, this course will introduce students to theories and concepts of citizenship that we will use to examine social justice issues including gender-based violence, gerrymandering, policing & incarceration, immigration and neocolonialism. With emphasis on solidarity, alliances and coalition building, this course expands traditional conceptions of citizenship to reimagine new possibilities of rights, responsibilities, civic engagement and political participation within and beyond the nation-state.

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CSJ 499 – Social Justice Capstone, with L. Ashwill - Fall and Spring

A capstone experience in which students engage in and reflect upon public work.


Electives for Spring 2018:

AFAM 190 – African American Experience, with C. Hopson and A. Rosa

African American life and experiences in the United States viewed from a cross-disciplinary perspective. Seven core subjects are surveyed: African American history, religion, politics, creative productions (music, dance, theatre), economics, social organizations and psychology. *Available Online 


AFAM 393 - African American Literature, with C. Lewis

Study of literature by African American writers.


AFAM 490 - Radical Blackness, with C. Hopson 

This seminar will include topics dealing with the African American experience, present or past. 

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ANTH 343 – Arch of Environmental Change, with J. Houle

The archaeological study of the impact of the environment on humans and of humans on the environment.The archaeological study of the impact of the environment on humans and of humans on the environment. 


ANTH 342 - Peoples/Cultures Caribbean, with K. Hudepohl

Examination of the variety of cultural practices found in modern-day Caribbean societies with attention to historical roots. Topics include, but are not limited to, definition of the region, religious practices, festivals, musical traditions, migration and everyday social life and conditions 

DCS 300 – Public Problem Solving, with M. Kerby 

Investigation of historical perspectives and theoretical dimensions of public problem solving with attention to the development of collective power, capacities, and responsibilities.


ENG 393 – African-America Literature, with C. Lewis

A critical study of the contributions of African-American writers to American literature.


FLK 330 - Cultural Connections/Diversity, with T. Evans and B. Kaufkins

Service learning course that examines the diversity of American culture and engages students in activities to develop skills in working with a variety of cultural groups.


GEOG 380 – Global Sustainability, with A. Nemon

An introduction to the major themes and scientific principles of sustainability, with an emphasis on developing critical thinking skills.


GWS 200 - Introduction to Gender & Women's Studies, with S. Farmer, B. Button, M. Bokken, and A. Radspinner

Drawing on historical perspectives and cultural analysis, this course examines such topics as women and work, violence against women, family, and the social construction of gender, sexuality, race, and class. *Offered online


GSW 400 - Western Femenist Thought, with K. Branham 

Presents the fundamental concepts embodied in Western feminist thought as it has developed from the eighteenth century to the present. It emphasizes a close analysis of individual works and critical evaluations of the assumptions and central concepts that inform the works under consideration


HIST 446 - American Legal History, with P. Minter

A survey of the development of American law and its relationship to political, economic, and social trends in modern American society.


HIST 453 - American Women's History, with D. Browder

Social, cultural, and political history of American women from pre-colonial times to the present.


HON 251 – Citizen and Self, with E. Gish, A. Olson, L. Watkins, and C. Keller

A focus on the theoretical knowledge and practical skills that will lay the foundation for becoming an effective citizen.


PHIL 323 – Social Ethics, with J. Russell

Perspectives and issues involved in the public pursuit of justice in a religiously and philosophically diverse society.


PS 110 – American National Government, with various

The essentials of the political system and processes, particularly at the national level, in the United States. *Available Online and On Demand


RELS 401 – Seminar: Islam, Sexuality & Gender, with S. Arjana 

A seminar with rotating topics designed primarily for advanced students in religious studies. May be repeated for different topics.


SOCL 240 – Global Social Problems, with C. Taylor and D. Lovell

Examines causes of and responses to critical social problems in different world regions, with a focus on the dimensions and impacts of globalizations. Diverse social theories are applied to interpret problems such as environmental degradation, AIDS, family violence, racism, migration, international poverty, and crime. *Available On Demand


SOCL 359 - Sexuality and Society, with M. Pruitt

Sociological examination of issues, debates, and research on pornography, prostitution, sexual orientation, and sex and the law.


SOCL 362 - Race, Class, & Gender, with A. Onyekwuluje

The five primary institutions (family, religion, economy, education government) as they affect and are affected by race, class, and gender in America. Explores interrelationships among those institutions and between various racial and other groups. *Available On Demand

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