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Recruitment Policy

The employment services of The Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) are open to business, industry, government, professional, and social services organizations who wish to fill full-time, part-time, summer, intern or cooperative education employment positions.  Services that may be available include posting positions to the CCPD’s online vacancy listing, résumé review and referral, on campus interviews, career and job fairs, and meeting room space for providing information sessions.  Third party recruiting organizations and organizations offering a business partnership such as a multilevel marketing arrangement may be permitted to utilize the job posting services as outlined in the following guidelines.  The Center for Career and Professional Development reserves the right to refuse or restrict the type of services made available to organizational recruiters.

Guidelines and procedures for recruiting are highlighted below.

  • In addition to the above, recruiters must abide by the solicitation policies of the University (https://www.wku.edu/handbook/speakers_solicitation_guidelines.php ), the campus recruiting guidelines of The Center for Career and Professional Development (this webpage), and the University policies regarding the posting of flyers and other informational materials within areas that may be reserved for recruiting purposes.
  • Third party employment or search firms are allowed to post valid positions with The Center for Career and Professional Development.  They must indicate in the listing the organization for which they are recruiting and the company location/worksite; however, they may withhold company contact information and address.
  • Organizations offering business partnerships where the candidate has an initial monetary investment and is not actually hired into a position – such as multilevel marketing organizations – are not allowed to use the services of The Center for Career and Professional Development, or in any way to indicate the CCPD’s endorsement of the organization’s recruiting practices.


Employers are also requested to comply with the following:

1. Submit requests for on-campus recruiting dates and post jobs as early as possible to allow adequate publicity and notification of potential student/alumni employee candidates.

2. Submit proposed job announcements, flyers or posters for approval by The Center for Career and Professional Development, prior to posting on campus.  Specific information identifying the employer and the type of job must be included.  The Center for Career and Professional Development strongly encourages companies to provide complete information regarding amount and type of compensation related to each job advertised, e.g. salary, commission, draw, stipend, etc.

3. Request rooms/space for group meetings or promotional efforts within The Center for Career and Professional Development or the Downing Student Union at least two weeks prior to the visit to allow the CCPD time to publicize the visit and review and approve any proposed on-campus announcement or flyers. 

4. Companies wishing to reserve a table or room in the Downing Student Union for the purpose of recruiting interested students will need to pay for this service unless approved, in advance, by The Center for Career and Professional Development.  An approved company will be allowed free space a maximum of twice per semester. 

5. Companies wishing to host an information session at The Center for Career and Professional Development must first register with the CCPD as an employer and list positions for which they are recruiting.  CCPD staff will then work with the employer/recruiter to schedule the information session and assist with session publicity.

6. Restrict all recruiting activities to assigned/approved space, table or rooms.  (Appearance in a university class is only allowed if the professor has specifically invited the representative to the class, or The Center for Career and Professional Development has arranged in advance for the representative to speak to the class, with the faculty member’s approval.)

7. Conduct interviews and group meetings in a professional manner presenting accurate job information, without provoking mental duress in the applicants. High-pressure recruitment tactics, including pressuring students to sign contracts to work, is not acceptable practice.

8. Allow a reasonable time for applicants to consider the offer and make appropriate decisions.

Any exceptions to these guidelines require prior approval from the Director of The Center for Career and Professional Development.  Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in the cancellation of currently scheduled recruiting visits or services, and may result in all future recruiting privileges being revoked.


Use of Facilities

Recruiters visiting campus are welcome and encouraged to use the following facilities for interviews, information sessions and publicity.  The Center for Career and Professional Development can provide private interview rooms and a classroom for information sessions.  These are scheduled on a space available basis, with those recruiters who request on-campus interview dates receiving priority.  Use of a table in the Downing Student Union main lobby for publicity purposes is available to approved employer recruiters without charge for two days per month, two visits per semester.  Approval and reservations should be arranged through The Center for Career and Professional Development.   


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