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2018 Summer Term

Students are expected to pay their fees in full according to the Fee Payment Schedule and Payment Procedures listed in the registration guide.  Failure to pay fees by the appropriate due date may result in assessment of late payment fees and financial holds.

Approved scholarships, including non-resident graduate scholarships and alumni grants, will be applied to students' accounts prior to the billing statement.  Approved financial aid (Pell, CAP, SEOG, Perkins, Stafford, PLUS) will be reflected on the billing statement.  All students, including financial aid recipients, are required to submit any balance due payments by the deadline based upon their registration dates. Refer to the chart below to determine applicable tuition due dates based upon registration dates.

If you register and decide not to attend, you MUST drop all classes prior to the first day of classes on TopNet or by notifying the Registrar's Office in writing to ensure that you will not owe tuition and late payment fees and receive "F" grades.  You are responsible for your own enrollment status.

Failure to receive an e-bill does not relieve the student of the obligation to pay tuition and fees by the due date

For questions, please call the Billings and Receivables Office at (270) 745-6381.




Registration Dates



 E-Bill Date                                          



Postmark Date



 Due Date                                         



Amount Due




Through April 30
(students whose schedule includes a May session course)

May 1

May 10

 May 16   

Tuition and fees are due in full for all students enrolled in a May session class

$100 Late Payment Penalty

May 1 - May 31**

June 1

June 11

June 18

Full payment; Balance for students who have not paid fees in full (including late payment fees)

$100 Late Payment Penalty

June 1 - July 1**

(Note 1)

July 2

July 12

July 17

Full payment; Balance for students who have not paid fees in full (including late payment fees)

$100 Late Payment Penalty

A financial obligation hold will be placed on the student's account which prohibits registration activity and receipt of transcript until balance is paid in full.


Note 1:   Students registering after July 1 for a July Session course must send payment to the Billings Office by July 17 regardless
               of receipt of an e-bill.

** Balance due for students who have not paid fees in full (including late payment fees) from prior monthly billing cycle.

In the event that any tuition, fees and/or expenses are not paid when due, and the University undertakes collection of any unpaid portion, the student shall also be assessed and be responsible for any collection costs and/or fees associated with the collection of the debt including but not limited to: collection agency fees, which may be based on a percentage at a maximum of 33.3% of the debt, reasonable attorney's fees, court costs and all other charges allowed by law. Delinquent accounts receivable are placed with a collection agency and/or the Kentucky Department of Revenue and collection fees will be added, increasing the amount owed. Accounts will also be reported to the National Credit Bureaus.

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