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Leyla, Zhuhadar, Jun Yan, Di Wu, Douglas Smith, Claire Rinehart, Thomas Reece, Nielsen Pereira, Luke Miles, Alex Lebedinsky, Stephen King, Joseph Kimeu, Ahmed Khalafallah, Boubakari Ibrahimou, Stuart Foster, Jerry Daday, Jennifer Cribbs, Michael Collyer, Robert Choate, Kevin Cary, Matt Bogard, Ngoc Nguyen, Melanie Autin

09/19/12 First Meeting

Attendees: Melanie Autin, Michael Collyer, Boubakari Ibrahimou, Ngoc Nguyen, Claire Rinehart

Chair:  Michael Collyer

It was agreed that the group meet every two weeks.

10/26/12, 11-12:00, Presentation by Dr. Michael Collyer titled "Do We Need a Paradigm Shift for How We Teach Hypothesis Tests?" He will also give a short seminar and demonstration in R.

02/08/13, 1-2:00 Meeting

02/22/13, 1-2:00 Meeting, Presentation by Stuart Foster titled "The Kentucky Mesonet: Applications for Data Visualization and Analysis"

03/20/13, 2-3:00 Meeting, Presentation by Michael Collyer titled "Analysis of phenotypic plasticity in high-dimensional data spaces"

04/03/13, 2-3:00 Meeting, Discussion topic: "How to generate interest in statistics for WKU students?"

04/17/13, 2-3:00 Meeting, Continue discussion topic:  "How to generate interest in statistics for WKU students?"


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