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Leyla Zhuhadar, Helen Zhu, Jun Yan, Stacy Wilson, Richard Schugard, Claire Rinehart, Eric Rappin, Rezaul Mahmood, Jeremy Maddox, Bruce Kessler, Boubakari Ibrahimou, Stuart Foster, Xingang Fan, Michael Collyer, Matt Bogard, Ferhan Atici

Chair:  Claire Rinehart

09/24/12  First Meeting

Attendees:  Ferhan Atici, Boubakari Ibrahimou, Eric Rappin, Claire Rinehart

10/29/12, 12-1:00, Presentation by Dr. Ferhan Atici titled "Parameter Estimations of Sigmoidal Models of Cancer."

11/19/12, 12-1:00, Presentation by Eric Rappin titled "Initial conditions in the numerical modeling of tropical and extratropical meteorology"

02/28/13, 1:30-2:30, Presentation by Dr. Boubakari Ibrahimou titled "Particulate Matter Speciation Metals: Statistical Analysis and Impact on Birth Outcome"

03/28/13, 1:30-2:30, Presentation by Dr. Richard Schugard titled "Using Mathematics to Quantify the Treatment of Chronic Wounds"

04/25/13, 1:30-2:30, Presentation by Dr. Jeremy Maddox titled "Application of the bipolar reaction path Hamiltonian (BRPH) approach to curvilinear scattering problems"



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