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Purchase Bingocize®

You can begin implementing Bingocize® for around $30/month, and it’s definitely a fun way to bring exercise and important health information to older adults.  Here is the cost breakdown:

  • Licensing cost: A 2-year license fee is $250.00 per organization, per county. This allows the licensed organization to use the program in an unlimited number of facilities within one county. If the organization plans to use the program in more than one county, an additional license is required for each additional county.  For example, an organization purchasing a license for 3 counties would pay $750 for the licensing fee.
  • Training cost: Training cost for initial 2-year license term: Online training is $150.00 per person. Training includes online access to targeted educational and marketing materials for participants, as well as a manual for leaders. At least one person must be trained as a facilitator to implement Bingocize® in your organization. Groups of more than 20 participants require two trained leaders. Additional online trainings can be purchased after the intial licensing period begins at a cost of $150.00 if purchased anytime before the end of the first year of the term. After the first year, each new online training will cost $75.00.

    Training cost after initial 2-year license term: Online training renewal is required at the time of initial licensing renewal or the trained facilitator is prohibited from continuing to offer the Bingocize® program. Online trainings purchased anytime during the initial 2-year license term can be renewed for a reduced price of $75.00. Any new online trainings added at the time of license renewal will cost $150.00. The process for purchasing new additional online trainings is the same as during the initial 2-year terms. New online trainings purchased after the beginning of the licensing period will be purchased at a cost of $150.00, if purchased any time before the end of the first year of the term. After the first year, each new online training will cost $75.00.

    Example. Acme SNAP-Ed Agency (ASEA) purchases an initial 2-year Bingocize license for two counties. At the time of their initial license purchase, they also purchase 5 online trainings for their staff to facilitate Bingocize in ASEA facilities across the two counties. Six months after the beginning of the 2-year license, ASEA decides to purchase one additional training for $150.00. They then decide one year and two months (month 14) into the 2-year license to purchase one additional online training at a cost of $75.00. This training is half price because it was purchased with a year or less left on the initial 2-year license. ASEA now has seven total online trainings. At the end of the initial 2-year license term,  ASEA decides to renew their initial 2-year license and the seven online trainings. They also decide to add two more trainings at that time. The renewal cost for each of the seven online trainings is $75.00, while the two new trainings will cost $150.00 each.

  • Equipment cost: “Bingocize® in a Box” is $350 (plus shipping and handling).  The durable and reusable box contains equipment for up to 20 participants, but the box does NOT include a bingo game set.  The box Includes resistance bands, therapy balls, an official Bingocize® t-shirt for one leader, a leader's attendance binder, and small nutrition themed prizes for one 10-week workshop (20 sessions)...view included prizes.  Purchase of at least 1 box is required with a license, but we suggest purchasing a box for each leader to take to the sites they serve. 
  • Optional Add-Ons:
    • Bingocize® Web App: The Bingocize® web app is available as a great add-on option for a fee of $350 per organization for the first county and then $100 for each additional county after that.  This adds a fun, interactive technology component to the original game for facilities that are more technology savvy, while the original game may still be more appropriate in other facilities. This also makes remote delivery more manageable through the use of a "hybrid" method.  
    • Prizes: We offer optional curriculum reinforcements that can be used as prizes to award to winners during Bingocize® play.  We include enough of these in the Bingocize® in a Box for one 10-week unit, but we encourage you to purchase extras either at the time of original purchase or down the road for future Bingocize® units. 
    • Apparel: We encourage facilities to consider purchasing Bingocize® licensed apparel for additional leaders (as only 1 shirt is included in the Bingocize® in a Box, and often multiple leaders are trained).  The leader shirts are black cotton t-shirts with the Bingocize® logo on the front. We also offer a participant shirt, which is a white cotton t-shirt with the Bingocize® logo on the front and “I’m a Bingocizer™ ” on the back.  These make a great prize for participants to win!! 
  • To begin your purchase, contact us to obtain quote.
We partner with Fresh Baby to offer Bingocize®curriculum reinforcements, which make GREAT prizes for your Bingocize® participants to win. Additional prizes are available directly from Fresh Baby.
For quote and order information, please contact us.


Bingocize Leader Shirt      Bingocize Participant Shirt

Bingocize® Leader Shirt             Bingocize® Participant Shirt


Bingocize® Shirts are available in unisex sizes Small-3X.  Shirts are $15 each plus shipping.  To order, contact us


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