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About Bingocize®

Bingocize Inquiry Survey


How does Bingocize® work/how do you play?

Participants (Bingocizers©) play a bingo-like game that includes a series of strategically inserted exercises.  

Game Play Example: Participants rest while numbers are called for the bingo game, complete strategically inserted exercises, rest during number calling, and so on. This pattern is continued until a Bingocizer© wins the game. Small prizes (not included with program) are awarded to winners. Additional games are played until all planned exercises are completed.

What is the cost of Bingocize® ?

Click here to visit purchasing info page.   

How long does it take to complete the onlne training?

The online training consists of self-paced modules and can be completed in about an hour, depending on the individual. A Certificate of Completion can be printed at the end of the training. The training is good for 2 years.

How do I access the online training site?

To access the Bingocize® online leader course, navigate to https://wku.blackboard.com/ and enter the username and password you were given when you originally registered for the training.  Once you have logged into the training course, click on THE COURSE in the left hand menu and then navigate to the very bottom of that page to see the resources section where you can access ALL the course materials you’ll need!!

How do I order Bingocize® ? 

To purchase Bingocize®,

1. Complete and submit our inquiry form or email bingocize@wku.edu to prepare a quote for your program's needs.

2. Simply approve your quote and submit the Bingocize® License Agreement.

4. Once you have executed the License Agreement and paid your invoice (check or credit card accepted), you will receive the training links and your Bingocize® in a Box for program implementation.

Start Bingocize® with the communities you serve! We will not only be checking in with you to make sure the program is successful but are always available for questions or concerns.

What types of payment are accepted?

We accept payment by both check and credit card.

Credit Card Payments: Paying with credit card is the fastest way. If you plan to pay with a credit card, please email us at bingocize@wku.edu and we will turn on the card payment function on your invoice. (A credit card  processing fee of 3% will be added to your order if using this payment method.)

Check Payments: If you do not have the option of paying with a credit card, we do accept checks.  Checks should be made out to the WKU Research Foundation.

ACL/NCOA approved for Title IIID funds

Bingocize® is an evidence-based program (EBP) that meets the highest-level criteria for evidence-based disease prevention and health promotion programs, as established by the Active Community Living/Administration on Aging (ACL/AoA) Evidence-Based Programs Review Committee.

Bingocize® qualifies for Title IIID or other applicable discretionary funds. Title III-D of the Older Americans Act (OAA). OAA provides grants to states and territories based on their share of the population aged 60 and older for programs, like Bingocize®, that support healthy lifestyles and promote healthy behaviors.

SNAP-Ed Nutrition Education Approved

Bingocize® is approved to be included in the SNAP-Ed* Toolkit as an evidence-based nutrition intervention and is eligible for purchase using SNAP-Ed funds.

Bingocize® is a 10-week, evidence-based health promotion program approved through both SNAP-Ed and The National Council on Aging (NCOA).  Bingocize® combines exercise and health information with the familiar game of bingo, which is a great and fun way to get seniors moving and socializing.  It’s meant to be played twice a week on nonconsecutive days. Each session usually lasts 45-60 minutes.  We have various “curriculum” wokshops such as Exercise Only, Falls Prevention, and Nutrition, some of which are more appropriate than others for your particular group of seniors, depending on their level of physical and cognitive ability.  Bingocize® can be implemented remotely or in a traditional face-to-face setting.

The overall goals of the program are to help older adults:

  • Improve and/or maintain mobility and independence
  • Learn and use health information focused on falls reduction, improved nutrition, and other health-related behaviors
  • Engage older adults in social settings
  • A significant barrier to improving the health and well-being of sedentary older adults is getting them to adhere to an exercise-based health promotion program (Picorelli et al., 2014).
  • Older adults enjoy and are more likely to participate in programs that are game-centered, interactive, and socially engaging.
  • Multimodal interventions (targeting multiple aspects of physical and/or cognitive health, such as health education and exercise) are most likely to produce improvements (Park et al., 2011).

The program targets sedentary older adults at all ability levels in a variety of settings, including certified nursing facilities, assisted living, independent living, and community senior centers.

Participants (Bingocizers®) complete a series of strategically inserted exercises designed to increase or decrease the intensity and volume of exercise. Health education questions are also inserted into the game. Participants rest while numbers are called for the bingo game, then complete strategically inserted exercises or health education questions, resting again during number calling, and so on. This pattern is continued until a Bingocizer® wins the game. Small prizes (some included with program) are awarded to winners. Additional games are played until all planned exercises are completed.


  • Participants play Bingocize® for one hour twice per week for 10 weeks OR
  • The program can be even more beneficial if played on an ongoing basis
  •  8-20
  • Greater than 20 requires two certified leaders
  • Improved upper/lower body strength, gait, balance, and range of motion
  • Improved aspects of cognition (executive function)
  • Increased social engagement
  • Improved knowledge of falls risk reduction and other important health topics
  • Improved patient activation

Recommended pre-participation forms include Pre/Post Assessments and Attendance Logs. All forms and outcome measure instructions are available on the online training website. Certified leaders complete an evaluation of the training, and participants complete an evaluation of the program.

Pre-Assessment Form

Post-Assessment Form

Community-dwelling physically inactive older adults (N=85) participated for approximately one hour, twice per week, for 10 weeks. They played in groups and were randomly assigned to either an experimental (Bingo + Health Education + Exercise; n =47) or control (Bingo + Health Education; n = 38) group.
  • Upper body strength improved for both groups, F (1, 81) =11.40, p<.01, but the improvement was significantly greater for the experimental group (interaction), F (1, 81) =4.78, p=.03.
  • Lower body strength improved for both groups, F (1, 80) =13.38, p<.01, but the improvement was significantly greater for the experimental group, F (1, 81) =4.44, p=.04.
  • As expected, health knowledge on fall risk and osteoarthritis showed a main effect, such that both groups improved their knowledge of the topics, F(1,83)=275.56, p<.001, suggesting the program can be effective for improving health knowledge with or without including the exercise component.
  • Health activation values significantly increased from pre- to post-intervention for both groups, p < 0.05. Attendance was high (>93% in both groups) (Crandall et al., In Review).

Gait performance associated with fall risk was assessed in participants (N=38; Falls et al., 2018). Pre/post gait analysis at self-selected (SS) and fast walking speeds was measured using the GAITRite® Electronic Walkway.

  • Significant improvements (group x time) were observed for the experimental group at fast walking speed for ambulation time (AT) (λ = .878, F (1, 36) = 5.01, p = .031, ES = .122); velocity (λ = .886, F (1, 36) = 4.61, p = .039, ES = .114); and step length (λ = .864, F (1, 36) = 5.64, p = .023, ES = .136). Significance at SS speed included AT (λ = .892, F (1, 36) = 4.37, p = .044, ES = .108) single support (λ = .887, F (1, 36) = 4.59, p = .039, ES = .113); and double support time (λ = .886, F (1, 36) = 4.63, p = .038, ES = .114).


  • Large room with tables and sturdy chairs without wheels; participants should be able to stand and move at least 4 feet from the table in each direction.
  • Room size should allow space for certified leader to move about the room.
  • Class size: up to 20 participants if one certified leader; more than 20 participants requires two certified leaders.
  • A strong WIFI connection is needed for the Bingocize® Web App add-on; tablets are needed for each participant.

Equipment and Material:

  • A Bingocize® in a Box (reusable) is required, which contains equipment for up to 20 participants and includes resistance bands, therapy balls, an official Bingocize® t-shirt for the Leader, an attendance binder, and enough prizes for one 10-Week Workshop. Targeted educational and marketing materials for leaders to use are available for download on the online training site.
  • Small educational reinforcements prizes are recommended for Bingocize® game winners; $1.00-$5.00 per prize; 2-3 awarded per game (a prize pack is included with enough prizes for one 10-week session with each Bingocize® Box purchased)
  • Bingo game set (not included)

Online leader training consists of self-paced modules. Comprehension quizzes are completed along the way to ensure content retention.

Customers will have access to the printable workshop materials to offer Bingocize® once they purchase the program and successfully complete the online training.  Once you complete the training you will always be able to access the course for materials. We always provide the most up-to-date materials through the course resources. The course is found at https://wku.blackboard.com/ and will be available to you once you've purchased the program and registered for the course through a custom link provided to your agency.
Each organization will designate a member to observe a new Bingocize® Facilitator no later than the end of the second week of the 10-week workshop to ensure delivery fidelity. The observer should be an experienced Bingocize® facilitator and/or trained and certified in at least one other evidence-based program. View fidelity procedure.

Bingocize® is now approved to count for the following CEU credits

(Applies to credits earned AFTER 4/2022)

Therapeutic Recreation- 2.0 CE

The Bingocize training content is CE pre-approved by  NCTRC

Nursing - 2.0 CE

The South Central Kentucky Area Health Education Center is approved by the Kentucky Board of Nursing (KBN) as a provider of continuing education under the Provider Number 5-0026, expiration date 12-31-23. Two(2) contact hours will be awarded after attending the entire offering and completing the evaluation. Participants are required to have license number available for the online evaluation to receive CE certificate. KBN# 5-0026-12-23-1358  

Please visit the Google form link below, to complete additional information required. You will need a pdf copy of your Bingocize® Certificate of Completion.  A CE certificate will be emailed within the month. https://forms.gle/QKto64o2Rv1nxZPb8

Social Work – 2 CEUs 

The Kentucky Board of Social Work has approved the WKU Department of Social Work (Approval Code: FY22-02) as a provider of continuing education. Under Approval Code FY22-02, 2.0 Continuing Education Units have been approved for Bingocize® Online Training and will be provided after attending the entire training and completing the evaluation. Please send a PDF of your completion certificate to Dr. Dana Sullivan, Professor of Social Work, dana.sullivan@wku.edu to receive the evaluation and CEU certificate.        

Certified Health Education Specialists – 2.0 CECH

The Department of Public Health, Western Kentucky University, has been designated as a Multiple Event Provider (#KY105862) of Category I continuing education contact hours in health education by the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc. This program has been reviewed and approved for up to 2.0 Category I entry level contact hours in health education for event # 79001. Please visit the Google form link below, to complete additional information required. You will need a pdf copy of your Bingocize® Certificate of Completion.  A CE certificate will be emailed within the month. https://forms.gle/QKto64o2Rv1nxZPb8




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