Muscle of the Month: Burpee Challenge

Date:  Friday, March 1st, 2013 - Sunday, March 31st, 2013
Location:  Preston Fitness Center
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You must attend this event 2 times before completing this event.


March 1-31 during 
the hours of operation of the Fitness Center. 


If you find yourself bored with your current exercise program, crank up the intensity with this month’s Muscle of the Month Challenge! The goal is to collectively perform as many Burpees as possible throughout the month. With a time limit of only 1 minute, this month’s challenge is just as much a cardiovascular challenge as it is powerful. Burpees are a great cardiovascular exercise that works most of the major muscle groups. Start blasting you stamina and exercise performance today!





To receive WellU credit, you will only have to participate in the activity TWO times between the dates of  3/1 and 3/31.