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Applied Physics Institute - Facilities


API has about 15,000 sq. ft of laboratory and office space at the WKU Center for Research and Development. The building also provides the team with two conference rooms for meeting and training purposes. In addition, a 10,000 sq ft outdoor facility is available which is licensed for most of radioactive materials and radiation-producing machines.

Computational Physics Laboratory

API researchers are experts in using 3D deterministic and stochastic codes for computational research of neutron and gamma-ray transport in complex geometries, and other physical processes using the distributed computer architecture. The laboratory offers the following equipment:  

  • 160-processor computer cluster, and 36-node cluster (Linux, MPI, PVM)
  • GPU Nvidia TESLA 4 (Linux, CUDA)
  • Miscellaneous computer stations with Windows, Linux, UNIX and MacOS
  • Terabyte data storage systems

Crystallography and Surface Analysis Laboratory

  • Rigaku D/MAX-B X-ray diffraction system (XRD)
  • X-ray fluorecsence system (XRF)
  • Glow-Discharge Surface Analyzer

Nanotechnology Laboratory

  • Microtech probe station, 4 micromanipulators for electrical characterization /res 3 micron/
  • Environmental chamber with digital multimeters for electrical characterization
  • CVD system with high-temperature tube furnace for synthesis of nanostructures
  • Quantachrome Autosorb-1 surface and pore analyzer
  • Beckman Centrifuge, ovens, vacuum oven, analytical balances, glassware, magnetic stirrers, hot plates, desiccators, thermocouple probes
  • TGA microbalance which will allow a variety of gases to be flowed onto a sample to study uptake of small quantities of gas or alternatively small samples

Nuclear Measurements Laboratory

API is licensed for radioactive material handling and research. The institute has several d-t and d-d neutron generators, pulse x-ray generator, Pu-Be and Cf isotopic neutron sources, collection of x-ray, gamma-ray, alpha, and beta sources. Indoor radiation shielded vaults and certified outdoor field test facility can be utilized for experimental R&D activities involving radiation measurements for neutrons with energies up to 14.1 MeV. 

Radiation Detector Laboratory

The laboratory offers variety of x-ray, gamma-ray, and neutron detectors (scintillators, HPGe, SiLi, gaseous, etc.) with associated high speed data acquisition equipment, electronics and spectrometry software, and hardware to develop and test gaseous and scintillation detectors.

Cyber Physical Systems Laboratory

  • SCADA testbed
  • LabView DAQ, NI-ELVIS, E&M measurement equipment
  • PCB rapid prototyping machine, circuit simulation & PCB layout software
  • Wireless sensor networks


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