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Requesting Letters of Recommendation from FACS Faculty

The purpose of this page is to provide instruction to students who are requesting a letter of recommendation from FACS faculty.  When requesting letters of recommendation from FACS faculty, please adhere to the following guidelines. We are tremendously happy that you have contacted one of us to write a letter of recommendation for you! We want to celebrate our students and help them succeed in securing a scholarship, a new career opportunity, or entry into graduate school.  Please follow the information on this page in order to help us write a strong letter of recommendation for you.

A student should send a well-crafted email to a faculty member requesting the letter of recommendation. These components should be included in that request:

  • Students should remind the faculty member who they are. Faculty teach hundreds of students! Provide an example of a memorable interaction with the faculty member, list the classes (include semester and year) that were taken with that faculty member, paper or project topics that were submitted in a class with the faculty member. Help the faculty to remember who you are, so they may write a strong letter of recommendation for you. Without this information, the letter of recommendation may not be sufficient to help you reach your goals of entry into a graduate program, acceptance of an employment position, a scholarship, etc.


  • Students should include the time-frame of the request of the letter of recommendation. Some faculty require, at minimum, a two-week turn around to complete and submit the letters of recommendation. Other faculty require, at minimum, thirty days. Faculty have pressing deadlines that prevent us from writing letters, so asking for the letter early, and providing at least 30 days to complete the letter is paramount.


Always provide this information / components when requesting the letter of recommendation:

    • What is the letter of recommendation for?
      • If it is for an employment position, provide the details of that position.
        • Additionally, provide your specific qualifications for the position. This should include any employment, volunteer, or educational experiences that directly apply.
        • What are your career goals?
        • Why are you applying to the specific position? Where do you want this position to take you in your career?
      • If the letter is for graduate school, provide details of that graduate program.
        • What are your career goals?
        • What are your goals for the graduate program?
        • What are your goals upon graduating from the program?
        • Provide other information that would benefit the faculty member in writing a letter of recommendation for you.
    • To whom should the letter be addressed? Include a name and complete mailing address.
    • Many graduate programs require a student to write a goal or personal statement with their application. Provide this writing statement to the faculty member.
      • If a writing statement is not required, write a personal statement with your goals for the graduate program, and provide to the faculty member.
    • A detailed and up-to-date resume.
    • Provide a list of accomplishments, characteristics, and other items that you would like highlighted in the letter of recommendation.

Other information about letters of recommendation can be found here.

Finally,  students must complete this letter of permission, and email to the faculty member. Until this form has been completed, a faculty member cannot write a letter of recommendation.

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 Last Modified 2/24/23