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Admissions Staff

Dr. Jace Lux
Dr. Jace Lux
- Director, Office of Admissions

I have the privilege of serving my alma mater as the Director of Undergraduate Recruitment and Admissions.  In that role, I oversee an outstanding team of talented individuals.  Our office is primarily responsible for the recruitment, admission, and new student orientation of all undergraduate students. Among other functions, we conduct campus tours, make residency determinations, assist with transitioning to college, and serve as the point of reference for all university recruitment activities.  Most importantly, we get to share all of the wonderful things WKU has to offer with prospective students and their families. As part of the Division of Enrollment and Student Experience at WKU, I work closely with financial aid and retention initiatives. Every now and then, I’m also fortunate enough to be able to teach classes, primarily public speaking, global communication, and political communication courses.

Prior to joining the Admissions team in 2014, I was the Director of Forensics (competitive speech and debate) at WKU. Over the past decade and a half, WKU has established itself as the premier forensics institution in the nation. WKU remains the only school in the history of collegiate forensics to win both the debate and speech national championships in the same year, a feat that WKU has accomplished 12 times.  During my four years as Director, the coaching staff and I lead the team to two speech national championships and three debate national championships.

I earned my B.A. and M.A. in Communication and my Doctorate of Educational Leadership from WKU. In my spare time I love to travel with my two boys and my wife, also a WKU graduate. I also enjoy reading, exercising, and watching movies.

Selected Publications

Lux J.  (2014).  Are they getting what they need?  An analysis of the skills former collegiate forensic competitors find most useful in their current careers.  The Forensic, 99 (2), 21-34.

Lux, J., and Cobane, C. (2013).  High school speech and debate activities and college readiness.  Rostrum:  A Publication of the National Forensic League, 87 (8), 38-42.

Cobane, C., and Lux, J. (2012).  The three Ts of giving back:  Time, talent, and treasure.  Rostrum:  A Publication of the National Forensic League, 86 (9), 32-34.

Lux, J., and Cobane, C. (2012).  Advocating forensics.  Rostrum:  A Publication of the National Forensic League, 86 (6), 22-27.

Lux, J., and Cobane, C. (2011).  Coach leadership:  Strategies and goals.  Rostrum:  A Publication of the National Forensic League, 86 (4), 30-33.

Lux, J. (2011).  Leading a team by inclusivity:  One debate team’s success story.  National Hazing Prevention Week Guidebook, 51-52.

Coel-Coleman, C.  (2010).  The presentation guidebook:  From the classroom to the boardroom. (Contributing Author).  Dubuque, IA:  Kendall Hunt.

Selected Presentations

Going Old School in the New Age
Resolve Enrollment Technology Conference, January 2019

Data Science and the Trail of the Student Decision Journey 
ACT Enrollment Planners Annual Conference, July 2017

Getting Ready for Work Ready: A Closer Look at Kentucky’s Work Ready Scholarship
KYACAC Annual Conference, March 2017

How Digital Display and Marketing Automation Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Chocolate
KYACAC Annual Conference, March 2017

Keynote Address
National Forensic League of Korea, January 2014

Leadership and Delegation
National Communication Association Annual Conference, November 2014

Mission Possible: Examining the Value of Academic Debate Formats Through the Lens of Contrast and Comparison in Relation to a Standard of Educational Value
National Communication Association Annual Conference, November 2014

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