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WKU Admissions

Zack's profile picture.
November 2012
News 12
Zack ~ Broadcast News ~ Burlington, KY
"WKU became more than a place to get a first class education, it became HOME!"

From the time I first arrived at a Focus on Western (now Focus on WKU), I fell in love with WKU. The people, places and Spirit on this campus were so evident to me that I automatically knew what I needed to do. I HAD to come to WKU. Once I arrived on the Hill, I never imagined what my life would become. I was able to get involved from everything like Greek Life to working with Athletics, from starting my own sports show to working with the President as the Vice Chairman of the Spirit Masters and meeting friends that will be with me for the rest of my life. WKU became more than a place to get a first class education, it became HOME! I joke with my family a lot, but they feel it too when they are down here. WKU is a part of my family and my family has become a part of WKU. My brother joined me one year after my arrival and I can say without a doubt we are the men we are today solely because of the opportunities and the experiences we had at WKU. I hope you enjoy WKU as much as I have for 5 years and that you too will fully embrace the two mottos: Life, More Life and the Spirit Makes the Master!

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