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Trent Brock

Trent operating TV camera.
February 2013
Audio control board.
Trent ~ Broadcast News ~ Ft. Campbell, KY
Wuhu FM 107 van.
"Smaller class sizes allow students to get more one-on-one attention..."

I love that WKU offers small classes sizes, and I highly recommend students register for them. Smaller class sizes allow students to get more one-on-one attention not only from the instructor, but from other classmates. When students are done with a course, they have formed close relationships with 20 or so new people that they’ll continuously see on the Hill. The smaller class sizes also allow for better communication, better focus, and the opportunity of fun activities that enhance the learning experience.

I plan to be a news reporter and/or producer in a top 30 television market, such as Nashville, Atlanta, Indianapolis, or Washington D.C. within five years of graduating from WKU. I know it’ll be a lot of work to get there, but with the skills I’m learning in the classroom and the time I spend continuously using them at internships and the on campus newscast, I will be able to achieve my five-year goal. I am also considering getting my Master of Science in Sports Media & Branding from WKU.

For more information on WKU Broadcasting, visit their website.

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