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WKU Admissions

Taylor's profile picture.
January 2013
Stapler and markers.
Taylor ~ Middle Grades Math & Science ~ Vine Grove, KY
"It’s a special place because WKU has a spirit that no other university has"

WKU sets itself apart from other universities because it’s not only an institution to learn, but it’s a place you can call home. WKU has the home type setting, where small town people from all around Kentucky as well as other states and countries come together to form one big family. It’s a special place because WKU has a spirit that no other university has. WKU has the spirit of learning, doing, exploring, creating, loving, accomplishing, excelling, and much much more. My question to prospective high school students would be, “Why would you not want to come to WKU?”

In five years after graduating from WKU I see myself teaching math at a middle school. I don’t know where just yet, but I will definitely be teaching. I came to college for a reason and that was to further my knowledge as well as pick a major I could focus solely on to find my dream career - that career will be teaching. Teaching also allows for other job opportunities such as a high school guidance counselor or principal. I see myself wherever I’m at being a team player while implementing the values and things I was taught that WKU gave me. Go Tops!

To find out more about the WKU School of Teacher Education, visit their website.

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