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WKU Admissions

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Sept 2012
Papers and science tools.
Kelsie ~ Middle Grades Science Edu. ~ Brandenburg, KY
"Spirit distinctly sets WKU apart from other universities."

I am a senior at WKU, triple-majoring in Middle Grades Science Education, Math & Science Education, and Health Sciences. I began my journey as a freshman on the Hill in 2008, but am now completing my courses at the Regional Campus in Elizabethtown.

A current member of WKU’s SKyTeach program, I plan to teach science to the next generation of learners. Education is becoming increasingly essential to our dynamic, constantly changing society. I look forward to providing my future students with the skills necessary to acclimate to new situations and to positively influence the future, much like how WKU has given me the tools and confidence to pursue this passion.

Experiencing both WKU locations has taught me that no matter which of the four campuses you may decide to attend, WKU is the right choice! Spirit distinctly sets WKU apart from other universities. On all campuses, it is a constant reminder that your opportunities are limitless. The WKU Spirit has inspired me to celebrate diversity and appreciate challenge, discover my potential and make a difference, be invested in my community and education, develop a passion for lifelong learning, and devote myself to my dream of teaching others. If you want “Life, More Life…” there’s no other place.

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