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Kaylee Egerer

Kaylee and Big Red working the Red Cross blood drive.
April 2013
Kaylee ~ Marketing & Sales ~ Rochester, MI
Kaylee in a jersey at Greek Week.
"The faculty and staff genuinely care about your success..."

The experience at WKU is unlike any other college life experience. The excitable atmosphere is contagious to the entire town of Bowling Green. The faculty and staff genuinely care about your success and desire to maintain a professional relationship with you. They want to see you do well and are interested in your involvement with the university, even through your successes post- graduation. When the weather starts to warm up, there is a gravitational pull into campus. The quality of life that WKU provides encompasses education, athletics, volunteerism and involvement opportunities as well as shaping each student into an ideal professional.

In five years, where will I be? At WKU! Honestly, I am not trying to leave here any time soon. After graduation, I plan to work two to three years in the sales field and then to apply for a Ph.D. program in marketing. Ideally, once I receive my doctorate, I want to teach at WKU for all the reasons I have enjoyed this institution as a student. If nothing else, I hope to end up in some sort of position where I can bring pride to my alma mater!

For more information about the WKU Gordon Ford College of Business, visit their website.

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