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J.P. Stovall

JP in Chine with mountains in the background.
December 2012
Great Wall of China.
J.P. ~ International Affairs ~ Owensboro, KY
Seated statue in China.
"...the greatest thing about WKU is its emphasis on global learning and international travel."

For me, the greatest thing about WKU is its emphasis on global learning and international travel. Being that the motto for the university is A Leading American University with International Reach, I knew that WKU would be the right environment for me. Now that I have been here for three years, I know I made the right choice. There are amazing people, students and faculty alike, who have goals similar to mine or take a vested interest in my success. They are willing to help me make sure I can go, do, and achieve what or where ever it is that I want and need to go.

In five years after graduating from WKU, I will have been awarded multiple highly competitive government scholarships (2 Critical Language Scholarship through the State Department, Boren National Security Award through the Department of Defense and the National Security Education Program, Fulbright Research Award and others) that will give me the knowledge and skills I need to do my work as a political or public relations officer for the United Stated Department of State. I will have been posted abroad in one of the many foreign U.S. embassies, preferably in Asia or Latin America, as those two regions have been my focus of study. My responsibilities will be representing U.S. interests abroad within the country in which I have been posted. I also plan to work in Washington, DC, influencing foreign policy in ways that will create a world in which the U.S. can walk the line between interventionism and isolationism. I will be climbing the ladder within the State Department to higher and more important posts until I am nominated to be the national representative or diplomat to an entire country, or perhaps even the U.S. Secretary of State.

To find out more about the WKU Chinese Flagship program, visit their website.

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