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Admissions Counselor


Lindsey White

Lindsey White

T: (270) 745-5430
F: (270) 745-6133
E: lindsey.white@wku.edu
Twitter: @LindzOnTheHill

What year did you start as a WKU student?


When did you start as a WKU Admissions Counselor?


What did you major in?

Undergraduate: Entrepreneurship, Graduate: Organizational Communication

Favorite Place on Campus?

The Kissing Bridge! It's a beautiful and peaceful place to unplug and hang out with friends.

Why did you choose to attend WKU?

WKU has a lot of nationally recognized departments, groups, and teams on campus but the one that drew me in was the WKU Forensic Speech and Debate Team.  WKU is the only team to win the American Forensic Association, National Forensic Association Speech and Debate, and the International Forensic Association National Title all in the same year. For me, attending WKU and having the privilege to represent WKU in that way was something I could not pass up.
Oh, and I also thought Big Red was adorable...

Do you have any advice for new Hilltoppers?

The experience of college and WKU is what YOU make it to be. There are countless opportunities to take, diverse voices to be heard, and amazing people to share it with-All you have to do it put yourself out there!

Where are you from?

I am actually from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I moved here for WKU and stayed because I fell I love with the university, the city of Bowling Green, and winters that didn't snow up to my belly button. If you are a student nervous about moving far away from home, I am happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have!



 Last Modified 7/20/17