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Adult Education Program Requirements

Adult Education Program

30 Semester Hours

The degree consists of a required core of 18 semester hours in adult education, including a 3-hour research foundations course, 6 hours of electives, and 6 hours of capstone experience coursework.  The student and his or her advisor choose electives relevant to the student’s area of interest. The remaining six hours will be attained through completion of a thesis or the following two additional courses are required, ADED 590 and ADED 597.  Students completing the additional non-thesis courses will be required to make a presentation of their findings of their applied research project. All students taking the non-thesis option are required to take a comprehensive exam. All students are expected to take EDFN 500 within the first twelve hours of their program.

Core Courses (9 hours)

Course Title Hours
ADED 510 Introduction to Facilitating Change in Adults 3.0
ADED 520 Facilitating Change Agency in Adults 3.0
ADED 515 How Adults Change 3.0
ADED 530 Program Planning for Adults and Learning Organizations 3.0
ADED 540 Philosophy and History of Change Agency in Adults 3.0


Electives (6 hours)

Courses may be selected from the following or from other courses with prior approval of advisor.

Course Title Hours
ADED 598 Adult Education Seminar 3.0
CNS 555 Social and Cultural Diversity in Counseling 3.0
CNS 556 Developmental Career Counseling 3.0
CNS 557 Human and Family Development in Counseling 3.0
CNS 572 American College Student 3.0
CNS 574 Student Development in Higher Education 3.0
CNS 577 Counseling Concepts and Applications for Student Affairs Professionals 3.0
CNS 586 Parenting Issues 3.0
CNS 670 Parameters of Law in Student Affairs and Higher Education 3.0
EXED 516 Exceptional Child: Perspectives and Issues 3.0
EXED 518 Seminar: Contemporary Challenges in Spec. Ed. 3.0
EXED 534 Seminar: Research in Exceptional Child Education 3.0
LTCY 519 Foundations of Reading Instruction 3.0
LTCY 523 Diagnostic Reading Procedures for Classroom Teachers 3.0
LME 535 Survey of Educational Technology Practices 3.0
LME 537 Principles of Educational Technology Practices 3.0
PSY 510 Advanced Education Psychology 3.0
PSY 511 Psychology of Learning 3.0

Research Foundations (3 hours)

Course Title Hours
EDFN 500 or equivalent as approved by advisor.  Research Methods 3.0

Students may take one of the following two options:

Thesis Option (6 hours)

Course Title Hours
ADED 599 Thesis 6.0

**** or ****

Non-Thesis Option (6 hours)

Course Title Hours
ADED 590 Adult Education Practicum 3.0
ADED 597 Directed Study in Adult Education 3.0


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