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Graduate Advisement for the Online Master of Arts in Education in Adult Education

Once you have been accepted into the program, the following forms will be necessary:


This form needs to be submitted to Graduate Studies during the first semester of students’ course work (once admitted to a program) in order to prevent students from receiving a Form C hold on their account. Please make sure both the advisor and student sign this form. Please make sure that the department name and course number are included (i.e., ADED 510) and that the number of credit hours is filled in on the form. Send your advisor your signed and dated form.


This form should be submitted to Graduate Studies once you have completed any deficiencies on Form C, completed the research tool successfully with a grade of A or B, maintained a minimum GPA of 3.0, and have completed 15-18 hours of graduate courses successfully. A student will receive a copy of this form mailed to them or it can be accessed online at www.wku.edu/graduate/uploads/documents/D.pdf


This form is the comprehensive exam report, either written/oral or thesis defense, the advisor provides to Graduate Studies. All comps must be completed by the last day of the semester for the student to be eligible to graduate in the current semester. For the Fall semester comps and thesis defense must be completed by mid-December. If a department offers a capstone course in place of comps, a Form E must be submitted to Graduate Studies. Please check with Graduate Studies for official due dates!


A written comprehensive examination is required for the Online Master of Arts in Education - Adult Education. Questions on the examination are developed by members of the ADED faculty and representatives from the professional community. Questions are based on courses in the program and are correlated with the critical performances. Questions are also congruent with national standards of set forth by the Commission on Professors of Adult Education. To qualify for the comprehensive examination, students must meet all University requirements for admission to candidacy status, have no more than nine hours of course work remaining in the program, and meet any other requirements. The Comprehensive Exam webpage provides more information.


If a student is pursuing the thesis route, he/she must register for at least six hours of thesis.. If a student completes his or her coursework and has not finished his or her thesis, the student may register for one to six hours of maintaining matriculation in the discipline through the graduating semester. If a student changes from the thesis track to non-thesis track and has registered for thesis hours, these hours must be removed from the transcript before the student can graduate. The thesis defense and college reader approval must be completed by mid-December, mid-May, or mid-July. The final copies of the thesis are due to Graduate Studies by mid-December, mid-May, or mid-July. Please check with Graduate Studies for official due dates!


The application for graduation must be submitted to the Registrar’s office for December, May, and August graduations. Students will receive an electronic application when they receive confirmation of their approved Form D or at www.wku.edu/Dept/Support/AcadAffairs/Registrar/application_graduation.pdf Please check with Graduate Studies for official due dates!

If you have any questions about anything enclosed or other questions, please feel free to contact the Graduate Office at (270) 745-2446.

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