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Graduate Certificate in Adult Education

12 Credit Hours – Online

The Adult Education certificate program provides a basic understanding of the theories, techniques, and concepts used in the adult education setting. 

The certificate program includes the following courses: 

ADED 510 – Introduction to Adult Education

Catalog course listing: 

Introduction to the concepts and theories of adult learning, change theory, and improvement science. In this course, students will analyze theories in adult learning, identify change theory and change agency, and improvement science, and demonstrate conceptual understanding of overlap between these theories for individuals, organizations, and community/society. Offered in Winter and Summer

ADED 515 - How Adults Change

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Examines the process of change that occurs in adults through learning and development. Models of adult development and adult learning will be explored as it relates to the process of change within individuals, organizations, and communities/society. Offered in Summer

ADED 520 – Facilitating Change in Adults

Prerequisite: ADED 515

Catalog course listing: 

Aids students in developing skills to facilitate change in adults using adult education methods. The course will focus on identifying the intersection of change models with facilitation models. Practical applications will cover establishing goals, objectives, learning design, learning activities, and outcomes assessment. Offered in Spring

ADED 530 – Program Planning for Adults and Learning Organizations

Prerequisite: ADED 510

Catalog course listing: 

Guides students through the process of developing and delivering a program for adult learners and organizational change. Students will be exposed to practical aspects of program design, program delivery, assessment, and evaluation. Focus will be on the role program planning has in facilitating change within organizations and the community/society. Offered in Fall

The program provides graduates with a basic understanding of the field of creating change through adult education and the ability to carry out basic adult education functions in a variety of settings.  Individuals from a variety of workplace and educational settings will find benefits to pursuing the Adult Education Certificate. 

Those interested in applying for the Adult Education Certificate should contact:

Dr. Wren Mills
-Program Coordinator


For more information about the cost of the program, average time to complete the program, and other important information, please visit this website.

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