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Recommendation Form

This form is to be completed by those individuals who are recommending students for The Gatton Academy's Class of 2025.  

The Gatton Academy requires the following two recommendations:

  1. A current or former high school math or science (STEM) teacher;
  2. guidance counselor, school administrator, a supervisor in the applicant's school, a community leader (i.e., a scout leader, pastor, youth group coordinator), or another teacher who can comment on the applicant's general academic aptitude, leadership ability, emotional maturity, integrity, and preparation for the rigorous academic program offered by The Gatton Academy.

A student may submit up to four recommendations, but the two above are required for our application.

NOTE: A parent or relative MAY NOT submit a recommendation for an applicant.

The Gatton Academy’s Admissions Committee relies on the perspective and experience of teachers, administrators, and community members like you to properly evaluate applicants. We sincerely appreciate your time and thoughtful consideration in the completion of this cover form and recommendation. 

If you have any questions about the recommendation process, please do not hesitate to contact us at academy@wku.edu.

The following information should be completed with recommender's information

Please provide an email address through your school or organization, if applicable.

Time You've Known Student

Does this applicant have a passion for the STEM fields?

Please use the following criteria to evaluate this applicant compared to the students you have taught/interacted with in your role.

I recommend this student:

The opinions provided through this form are confidential and will not be shared with outside parties.

In order to both verify authenticity of the form and (if needed) to ask further questions of an item in the form above, we ask that you type your name in the digital signature along with the date below.  Additionally, we would ask that you please provide a word or phrase that we may use to verify the authenticity of your submission should any questions arise by the Admission Committee.

For the purpose of the digital signature, please type your full name.

Please provide a word or phrase that we may use to verify the authenticity of your submission or ask further questions of an entry above, should any questions arise by the Admission Committee.

Admissions Questions?

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