Western Kentucky University

Writing Process: Editing

The WKU Writing Project


The Riverside Handbook

Beene, Lynn

A Writer's Grammar

Burch, C. Beth

Process and Thoughts in Composition (3rd ed.)

Making Sense, Shaping Meaning

D'Angelo, Frank J.

The Power of Grammar: Unconventional Approaches to Conventions of Language

Ehrenworth, Mary, and Vicki Vinton

Grammar Skills for Writers

Fearon, Globe

Creating MLA Style Research Papers

Forsythe, Steven

Developing a Written Voice

Hickey, Dona J.

How Writers Write

Lloyd, Pamela

Contemporary Essays on Style

Love, Glen A.

The Writer's Voice

Loy, Sandra

Working Out Ideas: Predication and Other Uses of Language

Miles, Josephine

Revising and Editing

Parsons, Les  

Writing with Style

Trimble, John R.


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