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Research Papers

The WKU Writing Project

Research Papers

The Bedford Guide to the Research Process

Johnson, Jean

Blending Genre, Altering Style:  Writing Multigenre Papers

Romano, Tom

The Braddock Essays

Ede, Lisa

Composition Research

Lauer, Janice M., et al.

Creating MLA Style Research Papers

Forsythe, Steven

The Curious Researcher: A Guide to Writing Research Papers

Ballenger, Bruce

Far Away and Long Ago

Edinger, Monica, & Stephanie Fins

Info Tasks for Successful Learning: Building Skills in Reading, Writing, and Research

Koechlin, Carol, & Sandi Zwaan

Knowing How:  Researching and Writing Nonfiction 3-8

McMarckin, Mary C., & Barbara S. Siegel

The Multigenre Research Paper

Allen, Camille

Perspectives:  On Research and Scholarship in Composition

McClelland, Ben W., & Timothy R. Donovan

Research and Composing:  Points of Departure

Cooper, Charles R., & Lee Odell  

Research in the Classroom

Donoahue, Zoe, Mary Ann Van Tassell, & Leslie Patterson 

Research in the Real Classroom

Nottage, Cindy, & Virginia Morse

The Research Paper

Littell, Joy

Research Papers:  A Guide Writing Experience for Senior High Students 

Corbin, Richard, & Jonathan Corbin 

Romancing Rhetorics

Gradin, Sherri L.

The Subject Is Research: Processes and Practices

Bishop, Wendy, and Pavel Zemliansky

Writing Research Papers:  A Guide to the Process

Weidenborner, Stephen, & Domenick 


Writing Scientific Papers and Reports

Jones, Paul W.


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