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Suzanne Vitale Clinical Education Complex - Program Fees

Suzanne Vitale Clinical Education Complex Fee Schedule

Preston Family Acquired Brain Injury Resource Program  
Referral Services at no Charge  
Communication Disorders Clinic  
Audiological Screening $15.00
Audiological Assessment $90.00
Tympanometry $15.00
Auditory Processing Total Assessment Battery $360.00
Audiological Assessment $90.00
Speech/Language Assessment $150.00
APD Battery $120.00
Speech and Language  
 Speech/Language Assessment Only
 Speech/Language Assessment and Treatment - 1st Semester Clients
 1x per week (per semester)
 2x per week (per semester)
 Speech/Language Treatment Only - returning clients
 1x per week (per semester)
 2x per week (per semester)
 Renshaw Early Childhood Center
 One day per week (per semester)
 Two days per week (per semester)
 Talley Family Counseling Clinic
 Family/Individual Counseling Session (per session)
$15.00 (based on sliding scale)
 Family Resource Program
 Services offered at no charge
 Kelly Autism Program
 Elementary/Middle/High/Postsecondary (per semester)
 Postsecondary Residential Program (per semester)
  ***Individuals who participate in multiple programs will receive a 15% multiple program discount.  Families with multiple children enrolled will receive a 40% second child discount within the same program.  One discount may be credited per child/family.
 Last Modified 7/19/13