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Sgt. Bryan Anderson Jobs for Kentucky Veteran's Fund

This fund was created to help WKU and KCTCS Veterans with employment assistance grants


Named in honor of Sgt. Bryan Anderson, and created with a generous donation from Kathy and Terry Scariot of Bowling Green, this fund is aimed at assisting student veterans with the advantage they need in finding a job after their college graduation.  It is administered through USA Cares.

How this fund can helpSgt. Bryan Anderson

Eligible applicants may receive assistance grants for:


Applicants must be within one year or less of graduation from Western Kentucky University, or any Kentucky Community and Technical College.  Recent graduates with less than four months post graduation may also apply.

Apply if you are a:

  • Post 9/11 Veteran
  • Active Duty service member
  • National Guard
  • Reserve (all service branches)

Required Documentation

    • Proof of military service (DD 214)
    • Proof of active college enrollment or graduation


Eligible applicants may apply at usacares.org/jobs.  Within 2 business days a USA Cares representative will contact the applicant to verify eligibility and determine possible opportunities and identify any needs.  If a need arises, the applicant will be asked for documentation of the need (i.e. Air fare/hotel for an interview—proof of the interview such as an invitation, speaking with the HR department etc).  The USA Cares caseworker will then help the applicant find an affordable accommodation and make the arrangements/pay the bills. Grant assistance will be paid to the vendor (hotel/taxi, car repair shop etc... and not to the applicant/student).  Funds cannot be used to repay debts to credit cards, family members or friends.

How to apply for assistance

Visit: usacares.org/jobs

  • Be sure to annotate on the application that you are a WKU or KCTCS student.




 Last Modified 7/19/13