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Adademic Advising Checklist

Academic Advising Checklist

* Your Advisor's name is _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ and TopNet says your major is ________________________________________________________________________________________________.

(To find the name of your Advsior and the name of your current major, go to TopNet and select Student Services, "Registration", "View Student Information".

If you want to change your major here on South Campus or move from South Campus to Main Campus, go to TopNet. In TopNet, select "Student Records" and click on "change of Major, Minor, Concentration advisor:. Follow the directions on the form.)

* When can you register?  Day:______________________________            Date: ______________________________                   (In TopNet, select "Registration" and look in "Check Your Registration Status".)

* Have you set a date and time to meet with your Advisor?  Please check your WKU email to see if your Advisor has emailed you with information on how to make your advising appointment. If you are instructed to use AdvisorTrac, go to https://tracweb.wku.edu/AdvisorTrac/Default.html

Day: __________________________   Date: ___________________________  Time:  _______________________________________

Have you checked your ICAP Report to see what courses you have taken and what sourses you need to take? In TopNet, select "iCAP- Interactive Degree Audit" from the main menu. In each category, iCAP will give you a list of possible courses you could take to meet that requirement.

Have you selected the courses you would like to take and written down a schedule including the name of the class, the days and times the class meets and the CRN numbers of the classes you would like to take?


(In TopNet, select "Student Services", "Registration" and look in "Schedule of Classes and Look Up Classes to Add". The CRN number is the five digit number located to the left of the name of the class.)

* If you have 24 hours of credit and your grade point average is 2.0 or above and you would like to move to the Main Campus, go to TopNet and select "Student Records". Click on "major, Minor, Concentration, Advisor Change Form". Follow the directions on the form.

 Last Modified 7/8/14