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Western Kentucky University

General Rules and Regulations


 A. Driver Responsibility

  • Drivers are responsible for finding an authorized parking space. Lack of space, mechanical problems, inclement weather conditions, or other disabilities are not considered valid excuses for violation of parking and traffic regulations.
  • A parking permit does not guarantee the holder a parking space, but only an opportunity to park within a specified area or areas. Drivers should be aware that spaces in prime locations tend to fill up first.
  • A parking permit signifies that an individual has been granted the privilege of parking on University property. Ownership of the parking permit remains with the University and is not transferable to other persons.
  • The failure of the University to strictly enforce any parking regulation shall not be construed as a waiver for the future enforcement of the regulation.

 B. University Liability

  • No liability is created by the granting of parking or driving privileges on property owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by the University.
  • The University assumes no responsibility for the care or protection of vehicles or contents while operated or parked on University property. Western Kentucky University Police Officers do patrol University parking facilities.

 C. Abandoned and Derelict Vehicles

  • Any vehicle parked on WKU property for 30 days without moving will be considered abandoned, and may be removed at the owner’s expense.
  • Any vehicle parked on WKU property, and leaking oil, gasoline, antifreeze or any other lubricants, may be towed at the owner’s expense.

 D. Traffic Regulations

  • Motor vehicles shall be operated and equipped in keeping with the traffic laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
  • Drivers must observe the posted speed limits and come to a full stop at all stop signs.
  • In the absence of a posted speed limit, the speed limit is 15 miles per hour.
  • Drivers must yield to pedestrians.
  • All vehicle accidents on campus should be reported immediately to the WKU Police Department.
  • Motorcycles and scooters must conform to the same regulations as other motor vehicles. They must park in a legally designated space within parking lots.

  E. General Safety Tips

  • Always remove valuables from sight and lock your vehicle.
  • At night, try to park your car close to lights and activity. Call the WKU Police Department for a safety escort, if needed, at 270-745-2548.
  • Report theft, damages or suspicious activity to the WKU Police Department.
  • Emergency call boxes are placed around campus to assist you. Please refer to the map for locations.
  • While driving on campus, please watch out for cyclists and pedestrians.


 A. General Requirements

  • Any motor vehicle parked on University property, in other than in paid meter spaces or pay lot spaces, must display a valid parking permit obtained by registering with the WKU Parking and Transportation Services Department. The type of permit indicates the areas where the vehicle may be parked.
  • Students, faculty and staff may register one four-wheeled vehicle and one motorcycle.
  • Off-campus parking on adjacent streets is permitted as prescribed by the City of Bowling Green.

 B. How to Apply for a Parking Permit

  • To apply for a permit in person, visit the Parking and Transportation Services office (see map for location.) Office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • All applicants must bring information on the make, model, year and license plate number of the primary vehicle the applicant will be driving.
  • A valid form of identification is required. Students, faculty and staff must bring a valid WKU identification card. Visitors, vendors and other non-Western applicants must bring a valid driver’s license.
  • Annual permits are effective from Aug. 15 of the current year through Aug. 15 of the next year.

  C. Visitors, Conferees and Guests

  • Visitors are people who are neither students nor employees of the University who have an occasional need to park on campus. This includes invited guests and those attending conferences.
  • Visitors should use pay-parking facilities or designated visitor parking areas as shown on the Parking Map. Additional metered spaces are being installed around campus.
  • Departments or coordinators planning conferences, short courses, workshops or meetings may request visitor parking passes for their guests in advance of planned visits. Please contact the Parking and Transportation Services Department 10 days in advance of your event to make parking arrangements.
  • Faculty and staff spouses who are members of the Raymond B. Preston Health and Activities Center may obtain parking permits for fitness center use from the Preston Center. Contact the Preston Center for details.

  E. Faculty & Staff

  1. Permits, and associated fees, available to faculty and staff are listed in Table X.
  2. Waiting lists are maintained for reserved and premium parking areas. After the start of school, these areas area monitored and additional permits are sold from the waiting list as warranted.

 F. Contractors, Vendors and Affiliates

  • Contractors are representatives of companies involved in construction or similar renovation projects on campus. When parking within a job site, no permit is required. When parking outside the designated job site, contractors may obtain a commercial permit for $175 a year or a temporary permit for $10 per week.
  • Vendors are representatives of companies that maintain goods and services to fulfill contractual obligations. Vendors may use pay parking meters or obtain daily parking permits. Vendors with frequent business on campus may obtain a commercial permit for $150 a year or a temporary permit for $5 per week.
  • Affiliates are personnel who work on the WKU campus but are not paid through the University. They may purchase Faculty/Staff permits.

  G. Disability Parking Permits

  • In order to park in disability parking spaces on campus, customers with disabilities must obtain a WKU disability parking permit.
    • Tier 1: For customers with extreme mobility limitations. Allows parking in any disability parking space on campus. It does not allow parking in otherwise reserved parking spaces or yellow zones.
    • Tier 2: For customers with mild mobility limitations. Allows parking in all standard spaces. It does not allow parking in otherwise reserved parking spaces, yellow zones or disability parking spaces. 
  • A state-issued disability placard or license plate is required for Tier 1 access, though it does not guarantee Tier 1 access.
  • Bring all relevant recent medical documentation to the Parking and Transportation office. It may be necessary for the Departmemt to contact your physician, the Student Disability Services office, or the Equal Opportunity/504/ADA Compliance office to make a decision regarding the level of accommodation. 


 A. General Guidelines

  1. One permit, in the form of a hangtag or a decal, will be issued to each customer. This permit may be moved to any vehicle driven by the customer to campus.
  2. Hangtags must be displayed on the rear view mirror or the dashboard of the vehicle so that the permit number is completely visible.
  3. Adhesive window decals will be issued for customers who drive motorcycles, convertibles or other vehicles where hangtags are not appropriate. Window decals must be displayed on the lower corner of the front windshield on the driver’s side, with the permit number visible.
  4. Permits should be removed from the vehicle when there is a change in car ownership, the permit has expired, or the driver is no longer associated with WKU.
  5. Permit ownership is not transferable.

  B. Lost or Stolen Permits

  1. Report the loss or theft of a parking permit to the WKU Parking and Transportation Services Department immediately.
  2. Permit holders whose permits have been lost or stolen may obtain a replacement for a $5 fee on the first occurrence. After that, the original fee will be charged to replace a lost or stolen permit.
  3. Possession or use of a lost, stolen or forged permit may result in a fine, loss of parking privileges, university sanctions and criminal prosecution. Any lost permits that have been recovered should be returned to the WKU Parking and Transportation Services Department.

 C. Temporary Permits

    • Weekly temporary parking permits may be purchased for $10 per week.
    • Daily temporary parking permits may be purchased for $2 a day. The first five daily permits per customer per school year are free.

  D. Refunds

  1. Annual permits may be returned for partial refunds at the end of the Fall Semester.
  2. No refunds are issued for temporary permits.


 A. Parking Violations



 Impound/Immobilize Bicycle


 Failure to Pay on Exit


Beyond Time Limit /Time Limit Violation

$ 35

Improper Display of Permit

$ 25

Improper Parking

$ 25

Non Designated Parking Space

$ 25

Parking Facing Wrong Direction

$ 25

Parking in Access Drive or Driving Lane

$ 50

Designated Motorcycle Space

$ 50

Improper Zone

$ 50

Restricted Area

$ 35

Yellow Zone

$ 50

Boot Release Fee / Tow Charge

$ 50

Grass or Grounds

$ 50

No Permit Displayed

$ 50

 Unauthorized Use of Permit

$ 50

Sidewalk or Crosswalk

$ 50

Boot Release Fee/Towing Charge

$ 50

Obstructing Traffic

$ 50

Reserved Parking

$ 100

Disability Parking

$ 100

Fire Lane

$ 100

 Inactive Permit (Possession of lost or stolen)

$ 100 

 Non Payment of Service

$ 100

Possession of Falsified Permit

$ 100

 Unauthorized Removal of Lock

$ 100

 Unauthorized Removal of Boot

$ 600

  B. Enforcing Agencies

  1. The WKU Parking and Transportation Services Department enforces parking regulations during daytime and evening hours.
  2. The WKU Police Department enforces safety regulations during night and weekend hours.

  Table 2. Permits honored in each zone by time of day.

Permits Honored

 Parking Zone

7:00 AM - 2:00 PM

2:00PM - 4:30PM

4:30PM - 10:00PM

10:00PM - 7:00AM


 Gated Hiltop Permit

 University Permit Required until 10PM

Gate goes up at 4:30 PM Daily


  Gated Regents Permit


 University Permit Required

Gate goes up at 4:30 PM Daily

No Permit Required

Faculty/Staff Premium


Premium Permit

Mimosa: University permit required

All other premium: No permit required

No Permit Required

Faculty/Staff Non-Premium


Premium / Non- Premium

No Permit Required





Non-premuim in Outer Loop Only












Campbel Lane

No Permit Required

Campbell Lane


Any University Permit

No Permit Required

Parking Structure 2


No Permit Required

Gates go up at 4:30

All Permits


University Permit Required

No Campbel Lane Permits

University Permit Required

No Permit Required

No Permit Required


Parking Structure 2 will be Commuter Parking only 7a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Campbell Lane Permits will not be honored in All Permit zones.

  D. Payment of Fines

  1. Fines must be paid within fourteen (14) calendar days of the ticket being issued. A $10.00 late fee will be assessed if a citation is still pending more than fourteen (14) calendar days after the issue date.
  2. Payment methods accepted are cash, check, Discover Card, MasterCard, Big Red Dollars, or Visa.  Checks will not be accepted for citations associated with imobilized or towed vehicles. 
  3. Payments may be made:
    1. In person at the WKU Parking and Transportation Services department office during regular business hours.
    2. By US Mail (Check only, made payable to WKU Parking and Transportation Services). The address is listed on the front of this booklet.
  4. Payment of fines is an obligation, the same as all other University obligations.

  E. Appeals

  1. Customers who wish to appeal a citation must file an appeal with the WKU Parking and Transportation Services Department within seven business days of the ticket issuance.
  2. Appeals may be filed in person at the Parking and Transportation Services Department office or by writing to the department’s mailing address.
  3. An on-line appeals process is available. Please check the department’s web site,, for more information.
  4. An appeals committee, consisting of appointed faculty, staff, and students, will review your appeal.
  5. While your citation is under review, no penalties will be assessed.
  6. Citations will be dismissed for appeals that are upheld. Payment of citations will be required for appeals that are denied.

 F. Impounding and Immobilizing

  1. Vehicles may be towed for violating parking regulations, displaying falsified or stolen permits, disrupting traffic flow, or parking in restricted areas.
  2. Vehicles with three or more violations may be immobilized or towed.
  3. If a vehicle is immobilized or towed, all outstanding fines must be paid before the vehicle will be released.
  4. Checks will not be accepted for the payment of citations and fines associated with imobilized or towed vehicles.

 G. Revocation of Parking Permits

  1. Parking privileges on the WKU campus may be revoked for any of the following reasons:
    1. A total of 10 or more unpaid citations per academic year.
    2. Falsification of information by an applicant.
    3. Possession of a lost or stolen permit, falsely reporting a permit lost/stolen, or possession of a forged permit.
  2. WKU will provide written notice 72 hours before revoking a parking permit.


 A. Construction

  1. It is necessary to barricade parking areas from time to time to accommodate construction projects or to perform maintenance.
  2. Every effort will be made to notify customers in advance of these disruptions and provide alternate accommodations when possible.

  B. Special Events

  1. During some special events, such as ball games and concerts, lots may be reserved to accommodate guests.
  2. Event parking passes may be required or fees may be charged to gain access to these lots during special events.

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