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What is Prod?

Rehearsal and Production, otherwise known as Prod, is a series of classes in which WKU Theatre & Dance students gain experience and earn course credit for their work on departmental production.  Each degree program requires a specific amount of Prod credits. Please check the Degree Programs page to learn what is required for your discipline.


Prod Assignments for Fall 2013

Below you will find links to the Production Assignments for the current semester.  Please check these links regularly for they may change often during the course of the semester.  If you find yourself short on points for the semester, contact David Pierce for an explanation.  It is your responsibility to ensure you have/will earn enough points for the semester.

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Prod Assignments by Name
Prod Assignments by Show

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Production Job Descriptions

If you are unsure on what your production assignment entails, or simply need further clarification, a list of job descriptions can be found below for each assignment.  In addition to listing requirements for each assignment, this document also describes preferred qualifications for each assignment as well as who you should report to.  It will also give you a sense of time commitments required.

Job Descriptions


Point Values for Assignments

Each Prod Assignment has a different point value associated with it.  This is due to the fact that some production jobs require more of a time commitment than others.  For instance, a Stage Manager puts in much more time on a production than a Board Operator.  This can also be true for the same production job but at different locations.  Meaning, working Box Office for a show in Van Meter is much different than working Box Office for a show in Gordon Wilson.  Click here for a list of production assignments and their point values.








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