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Tools for Teaching Online

This website will provide various tools to help Western Kentucky University faculty as they teach on the Internet.

FaCET Provided Tools

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  • General WKU Helps. This document includes resources at WKU that are useful for students in online courses.  Posting it to your course fulfills a number of the Quality Matter review standards. It is periodically updated (the date of update is at the bottom). Note that one item, the Inventory of College Level Study Skills, is not part of the Quality Matters standards and may be deleted
  • Storyboarding an Online Course
  • Should I learn this technology tool? A decision tree to help you decide how to allocate your time.
  • Images to indicate material that is Required vs Suggested. How do you 'get a copy'? Right click on the image, select Save Image As... and save it to your harddrive in a place you can find it.

Quality Matters

Quality Matters Recognition

Preparing for a Quality Matters Review: Tasks & Tools


Links from Technology Notes for Teachers on the Digital Discourse Listserv


  • Emmons, C. (2006, June). The Online Professor Takes a Course. From Now On: The Educational Technology Journal. Vol 15(5). Available online:
    Synopsis: Person who has taught online takes course online and describes some of the gaps between teaching theory and student experience.

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