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Promoting Positive Behavior in Schools (KYEPSB)

This is an important message regarding your student teaching assignment.  Please read the entire (abbreviated) email from KYEPSB and follow the instructions provided.   

On February 1, 2013, 704 KAR 7:160 Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusion in Public Schools was enacted.   As the 2013-14 school year will soon begin in many Kentucky P-12 school districts, we are mindful of this new regulation.  ALL Kentucky certified and non-certified school personnel are now required to have annual training in the use of positive behavioral supports and interventions. The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) has deemed for the purposes of 704 Kentucky Administrative Regulation (KAR) 7:160, that student teachers will be considered "school personnel." 

Therefore, it is imperative that all student teachers have completed the required training necessary in fulfilling the requirements of this regulation prior to the beginning date of their placement in a P-12 classroom this school year.

The Kentucky Department of Education has developed online training modules: Promoting Positive Behavior in Schools, produced by KET and made available through PBS TeacherLine, addressing the regulation requirements.  Completion of these training modules satisfies this requirement.

The training modules can be accessed through the link below:

The User's Guide will provide instructions for enrolling in the free online course.

(Note: Some individuals have experienced difficulty in attempting to access the modules when not completing all modules in one setting, and have found it necessary to create a new password each time when attempting to access the online course.)

Complete the online KET Self-Paced Course for Promoting Positive Behavior in Schools PRIOR to beginning your student teaching assignment.  You will receive instructions to download/print a certificate of completion when you finish.  Please submit one copy of this certificate to the Student Teaching Office (as an email attachment lil.davis@wku.edu, fax 270-745-3342, in person GRH 2052).

Fall student teacher candidates may be invited by their assigned school district to participate in a face-to-face training with their staff.  You are still required to complete the online training and provide your certificate of completion to the WKU Student Teaching Office.

Your certificate of completion can be submitted with your student teaching application or must be submitted to the Student Teaching Office by Tuesday, April 1, 2014.

Completion Certificate from online training, PROMOTING POSITIVE BEHAVIOR IN SCHOOLS – DUE DATE:  TUESDAY, APRIL 1, 2014


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 Last Modified 1/14/14