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New WKU Students

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High School Students

Dual Credit

Summer Sessions partners with WKU Dual Credit to provide high school students with the opportunity to earn credit during the summer months. Classes currently take place at the Glasgow Regional Campus and through the WKU University College.

Summer Early Entry Program

success awaits you!

The Office of Summer Sessions also partners with the WKU University College to provide an innovative program for incoming freshmen called "Summer Early Entry."

This program is designed to allow students to take their required developmental English, math, and reading classes early to ensure that they will be better prepared for college when they begin in the fall semester.

Plus, taking these developmental courses in the summer gives students special benefits, such as free tutoring, accessible computer labs, structured study groups, and the ability to get to know the campus, their classmates, and what it’s like to be in college before everyone else!

Thank you for your interest in Summer Sessions at WKU!
 Last Modified 7/15/14