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Study Away Budgeting Worksheet

This worksheet is intended to help students get an idea of the costs associated with Study Away.
(Please do not use commas or decimal numbers in the budget form fields on the left. But do use 2 decimal places in the exchange rate field on the right.)

Calculate Exchange

STEP 1: Estimate your expenses in US dollars using the form on the left.

STEP 2: Determine the exchange rate for the country you will be visiting. A good reference is www.xe.com/

STEP 3: Enter the exchange rate in the field below. Then click in the Total Cost in Local Currency field for the total amount.

Destination Exchange Rate:
(Use 2 decimal places)

$1.00 (US Dollar) =

Total Cost in Local Currency:

Tuition & Fees
Room & board
Mandatory program fees
Program excursions
Supplemental course fees
Administrative Fee
Fixed Cost Total
Variable Expenses
International Travel
Estimated round-trip airfare
Transportation to/from airport
Medical Insurance (Estimate $1/day)
Personal Expenses
Books & course packets
Meals not included in program fee
Toiletries & laundry
Local travel (taxis, buses, subway)
Cell phone/internet/postage
Social activities
Personal travel
Additional Costs
Variable Cost Total
Total Cost in $US
 Last Modified 7/22/13