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Study Away supports WKU’s mission to prepare “students to be productive, engaged leaders in a global society” and to provide “service and lifelong learning opportunities for its constituents.”

WKU faculty promote engaged learning by leading students to domestic destinations that serve as living classrooms. Such off-campus study is relevant to a student’s daily life and career development, creating a better understanding of how citizenship is experienced in a different part of the United States. This could be studying the economics of urban sustainability in Oregon or learning how indigenous Alaskan populations are dealing with climate change.

Study Away Office

The Study Away Office is responsible for program development, including working with program leaders and external providers; budget and risk management; marketing and assessment; and site preparation. These services enable faculty to concentrate on the academic aspects of an off-campus experience, rather than worry about the logistics.

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Study Away provides off-campus for-credit learning opportunities. Focusing on partnerships in creative learning, Study Away extends the classroom beyond the campus borders to increase a sense of citizenship and enhance American cultural understanding. Study Away offers students the chance to become better informed about the diverse resources and opportunities available throughout the United States and prepares them to have a positive impact on our nation and the world upon graduation.

chicago American Traveler

American Traveler is a short-term non-credit program through WKU Study Away designed to provide intense, unique travel experience to fascinating locations. These learning opportunities are developed and led by experts and designed to give participants one-of-a-kind experience. It matters little whether the expertise comes as a result of professional study or practiced hobby, as long as the individual has a passion to share with others.

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