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SDS is pleased to offer numerous services to our registered students. Below is an alphabetical listing of our most common services. Please contact us if you are interested in a service that is not listed or you are interested in more information about the described services.

• Advocacy

• Assistive Technology

• Books to CD

• Captioning

• Computer Lab

• Sign Language Interpreting

• Note Taking

• Priority Registration

• Test Accommodations

• Video Phone



SDS encourages students to try and resolve any disability-related access problems directly with their instructor. We are here to help guide students through the communication between themselves and an instructor should an issue arise. If a student continues to face obstacles in regards to receiving his or her accommodations, SDS will counsel the student through the {cms_selflink page='sds-policies-and-procedures' text='Student Grievance Procedure'}.

Assistive Technology

SDS offers a variety of software and technological devices to enhance your learning experience at WKU. These include but are not limited to JAWS, Read Write Gold, Dragon Naturally Speaking, Talking Calculators, Intellikeys Adaptive Keyboard, Orbit Trackball Mouse, and Zoom Text Screen Magnifier.

Books to CD

Students can bring in textbooks and their receipts, and SDS will transfer them to books on CD. These CDs can be used in conjunction with programs such as Read Write Gold. Students are asked to bring in their textbooks before the beginning of each semester to ensure a timely return of those books.


Captionists provide speech-to-text services for students who prefer real time text in the classroom. The captionist will use C-print software to convert instructors’ and students’ spoken language into written text that can be viewed via a laptop screen. More information can be found on the {cms_selflink page='deaf-and-hard-of-hearing' text='Deaf and Hard of Hearing page'}.

Computer Lab

Within SDS, we offer our students access to both PC and Mac computers. The lab is open from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. It is open to any of our students for internet access and printing.

Note Taking

Notetakers are available to students free of charge and are paid $150 a semester for the first class and $100 for each additional course. If a student has qualified to receive a notetaker, that student is responsible for securing a notetaker within each class. If a student cannot find a notetaker, he or she should reach out to the instructor to have an announcement made asking for a volunteer. If no one volunteers, the instructor may suggest possible student(s) to ask. If a notetaker can still not be found, the student should contact SDS for additional assistance.

Priority Registration

In order to provide quality services from the first day of classes, continuing undergraduate students receive priority registration.

Sign Language Interpreting

Interpreters facilitate communication among instructors, hearing students and deaf students in classes and academically related activities. WKU uses licensed interpreters who can interpret into a variety of sign systems such as American Sign Language and Signed English. More information can be found on the {cms_selflink page='deaf-and-hard-of-hearing' text='Deaf and Hard of Hearing page'}.

Test Accommodations

Testing accommodations, such as extended time, quiet room, and use of the computer assisted technology lab, are provided for all registered students. SDS has strict guidelines that need to be followed in order to schedule exam accommodations. Click here to access the {cms_selflink page='testing-guidelines-forms' text='Testing Guidelines and Forms'}.

Video Phone

WKU has several video phones established across campus (Helm Library, SDS office, ASL lab in Tate Page, and Mass Media Technology). Most of these are open to the public. If you will be living on campus, you can request a video phone to be set up free of charge in your room. Please contact our office to begin this process.

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