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Community Health Education


  • Oral Health

Because oral health problems are common in children and poor oral health habits contribute to a lifetime of problems the South Central AHEC conducts dental education programs in rural counties. These programs target kindergarten through 5th grades. The goals of the program are to teach proper brushing techniques, discussion of healthy snack choices, and seeing a dental health care provider. All children receive educational material as well as a toothbrush and tooth paste. For more information contact the AHEC office at (270) 745-3325 or by email at ronnie.goad@wku.edu


  • Agricultural Safety Day

In rural Kentucky, farm injuries are a reality. Lives are lost, injuries are devastating and economic losses are staggering.

 The South Central AHEC partners with other organizations interested in educating farmers, farm families, and rural communities about safety measures designed to prevent farm injuries and illnesses.

 The Progressive Agriculture Foundation created Progressive Agriculture Safety Days to promote safety to young people. The Kentucky Partnership for Farm Family Health and Safety, Inc. was selected to host one of the first 10 Agriculture Safety Days in Warren County in 1996. The South Central AHEC has assisted with this event for many years and is now a co-sponsor along with the Warren County Cooperative Extension Service. Safety topics addressed include but are not limited to fire, water, methamphetamine, chemicals, electrical, tractor, small equipment, ATV, lawn equipment, animal, nutrition, firearms, bicycle, and first aid.

The Progressive Agriculture Foundation supports Agriculture Safety Days in many counties in the South Central AHEC service area. If you are interested in learning more about this program or developing a similar program in your community, please contact the AHEC office at 270-745-3325 or by email at ronnie.goad@wku.edu


  • Kids on the Block Programs

The South Central AHEC relies on many partnerships with other agencies to accomplish mutually beneficial goals. One of our partners is the South Central Kentucky Kids on the Block, Inc. (KOB). KOB uses Bunraku puppetry to provide educational programs to students on more than 20 different topics. Programs are offered in schools, churches, and civic groups on physical challenges, medical conditions, and social and safety issues.

Kids on the Block (KOB) is a highly praised organization that teaches children how to accept differences in others and themselves and how to make safer and healthier life choices.

The South Central AHEC “adopts” or sponsors three programs of the KOB. These programs are problem solving, combating childhood obesity and safety programs.

 If you are interested in having one of these programs in your school, please contact Lucy Juett, Director, South Central AHEC at 270-745-3325 or by e-mail at lucy.juett@wku.edu.

 If you want more information about Kids on the Block and their other programs, please visit their web site at www.kykob.org.

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kynect, Kentucky's Healthcare Connection

Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange Information Session                                                                           When:  February 18, 2014  11am-1pm                       Where:  First Floor Medical Center Conference Room,  New Medical Center - WKU Health Sciences Complex at the corner of 700 First Avenue and US 31W By-Pass, Bowling Green, Ky

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Registration is required
The UK Center for Rural Health in Hazard, Ky has been coordinating information sessions for health professionals across Kentucky since November 2014.
 The WKU College of Health and Human Services, the Institute for Rural Health and South Central AHEC are co-sponsoring this session with the UK Center for Rural Health. Registration is required; lunch will be provided and there is no registration fee.


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