Western Kentucky University

WKU Police Department

Special Operations and

Mission Statement

Western Kentucky University Special Operations and Investigations Sections specialize in special events, and investigative work in support of the enforcement of laws, and regulations at this regent's institution.

Although the WKU campus is a relativey safe place, we are not immune to those problems that affect all urban citizens, including problems related to public safety and law enforcement.

The Special Operations Section assists the patrol unit and is responsible for events that require Law Enforcement aside from routine patrol. Special Operations corrdinates with WKU staff members to organize security for from special events, athletics, and student run events to ensure the safety and security of those attending.

The Western Kentucky University Police Department is a member of the Warren County Drug Task Force. This task force is composed of several local, state, and federal agencies with one goal in common, to fight the war on drugs.

The Investigations Unit is responsible for conducting in-depth investigations into crimes that occur on all owned and operated property of Western Kentucky University. This unit handles major offenses that include homicide, sexual assaults, robberies, arson, criminal activity, and fraud (identity theft, internet scams, forgery, and credit card theft). Along with assisting patrol the investigations unit is responsible for collecting, evaluating, and safeguarding physical evidence, interviewing witnesses and complainants and interrogating suspects.

The WKU Police is a full service Law Enforcement Agency accredited by the Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police. All police officers are sworn and certified by the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council with full arrest power, under Kentucky Revised Stature 164.975. The WKU Police Department is a professional law enforcement agency observing the highest standards of integrity and professional ethics.

 Last Modified 7/23/13