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This degree is limited to students with a completed A.A.S. degree in a health-related field from a KCTCS college.

The major in Health Sciences requires 65-67 core health sciences credit hours, including a required concentration ranging from 21-22 hours. The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a health and human sciences related career. The program is an interdisciplinary program with three primary purposes:

  1. Allowing students with a general interest in Health Sciences to pursue a B.S. while obtaining a concentration in a specific area of Health and Human Services.
  2. Providing an option for students with a health related associate’s degree that wish to continue their education.
  3. Permitting students to prepare for post-graduate or professional health sciences programs.

It is important to meet with a WKU-O advisor as soon as possible to evaluate transcripts and transfer equivalencies.

Characteristics associated with success in this major include a strong desire to improve the health and well being of the population and an interest in science and in scientific research. You should:

• have a caring, sympathetic nature

• be organized

• be logical and creative in decision making

• be able to lead and to work well with people of different backgrounds

• be able to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing

Occupations with Health Science:

• Community Health & Preventive Medicine

• Environmental Health

• Health Services Administration

• Health/Medical Physics

• International Public Health

• Maternal & Child Health

• Occupational Health/Industrial Hygiene

• Public Health

• Public Health Education & Promotion



Students pursuing the major may select one of the following concentrations offered at WKU-O: Health Promotions, Health Services or Social Services. Depending on the concentration, some courses may only be offered at the WKU main campus. Please meet with at WKU-O advisor as soon as possible to determine the best track for you. Transfer students with an associate degree from a health related program receive a 19-hour waiver in the upper-division hour requirement for the health science major.



 WKU COURSES                                                                                 KCTCS EQUIVALENT

 CFS 111 Human Nutrition 

 NFS 101

 PSY 199 Intro to Developmental Psych

 PSY 223

 BIOL 120/121 Biological Concepts and Lab

 BIO 150 & 151

 BIOL 131 Human Anatomy & Physiology

 BIO 137 & 139 

 CHEM 304 Biochemistry for the Health Sciences


 AH 190 Intro to Allied Health Professions


 AH 290 Medical Terminology


 PHYS 231/232 Intro to Physics & Biophysics


 PE 311 Exercise Physiology


 PH 381 Community Health


 PH 383 Biostatistics in the Health Sciences or SOCL 300 Using Statistics in Sociology


 PH 447 Human Values in the Health Sciences or PHIL 322 Biomedical Ethics


 HCA 340 Health Care Organization & Mgmt


 HCA 446/447 Health Care Informatics and lab or CIS 243 Principles of MIS


  Health Promotions Concentration* may travel to BG

 SFTY 171 Safety & First Aid                                                                                                                                       

 PH 261 Foundations of Health Education   

 PH 365 Human Sexuality

 PH 384 Intro to Epidemiology

 PH 402 Worksite Health Promotion

 PH 461 Comprehensive School Health Program

 PH 467 Drug Abuse Education

 PH 469 Critical Issues in Health & Safety

Health Services Concentration

 HCA 344 Health Systems Management

 HCA 440 Health Economics 

 HCA 441 Legal Aspects/Health Care

 HCA 442 Principles & Methods of Health Planning

 HCA 345 Long-Term Care Administration or HCA 346 Ambulatory Care Administration                            

 MGT 210 Organization & Management

 ECON 202 Principles of Microeconomics


Because of transferring credits and WKU-O course offerings, the length of time to finish this program differs for each student. It is important to meet with a WKU-O advisor as soon as possible. Bring an unofficial copy of transcripts from all previously attended colleges and/or universities. It is also important to determine your availability to take courses: part-time, full-time, summer term.

WKU-O Academic Requirements:

  • 120 college-level undergraduate semester hours including the following:

- 44 semester hours of General Education

- 30 hours must be earned in residence (at WKU), at least 16 of which must be completed after the semester in which the student earned a cumulative total of at least 90 hours.

  • Students must earn a minimum of 54 semester hours with WKU to graduate with honors.
  • Students must apply for graduation upon the completion of 90 semester hours.
  • Students are to meet with an advisor each semester.
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