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This broad major is intended to orient you to psychology as a whole. You will learn about the science of mind and behavior, human individual and group behavior, the physical and environmental basis of behavior, and the analysis and treatment of behavior problems and disorders. This major relies heavily on exploring various theories, while looking at new research and techniques. It is designed to instruct you in psychological principles and methods; to provide the knowledge and skills required at the graduate level; and to offer the background needed to prepare you for work in possible professions as diverse as medicine, law, business, education, engineering, and others.

The extended major in psychology requires a minimum of 51 semester hours and leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree. No minor or second major is required. The extended major is especially appropriate for the student whose career objectives require a more comprehensive undergraduate psychology background. The extended major is designed for students who maintain a minimum 2.50 GPA both overall and in psychology. Additional requirements for both majors are described below.

Characteristics associated with success in this major include interest and skills in working with people, research, communication, and critical observation. Further training may be required throughout your career. Several specialties in psychology encourage certification by the American Board of Professional Psychology. Combined with the right courses, psychology is a good background for law and medicine.


• Career counseling

• Positions with mental health facilities (River Valley)

• Positions within State government

• College counselors

• A majority of psychology students go on to pursue a master’s degree which allows them to pursue a career as a psychologist or mental health counselor

A degree in psychology will also be a good foundation for students to pursue graduate degrees in related areas of study, including psychiatry, gerontology, family and marriage counseling, student affairs, and health care.



 WKU COURSES                                      KCTCS EQUIVALENT

 PSY 100                                      

 PSY 110  

 PSY 210

 PSY 215*

 PSY 301


 PSY 361


 PSY 495                                                      


Developmental Psychology: 3 hours  (choose one)

 PSY 321 Child Development Psychology          

 PSY 422 Adolescent Psychology

 PSY 423 Psychology of Adult Life and Aging            

Social/Industrial-Organization/Motivation: 3 hours (choose one)

 PSY 350 Social Psychology                                

 PSY 370 Industrial/Organizational Psychology

 PSY 412 Psychology of Motivation and Emotion      

Personality/Abnormal Psychology: 3 hours (choose one)

 PSY 440 Abnormal Psychology                           

 PSY 450 Introduction to Personality Theories          

Bio-psychology: 3 hours (choose one)

 PSY 411 Psychology of Sensation and Perception 

 PSY 480 Physiological Psychology

Learning/Cognition: 3 hours (choose one)

 PSY 405 Cognitive Psychology                           

 PSY 410 Psychology of Learning                                

Learning/Cognition: 3 hours (choose one)

 PSY 390 Field Experience in Psychology                  

 PSY 410 Psychology of Learning                               

Applied Psychology: 3 hours (choose one)

 PSY 371 The Psychology of Sales Behavior             

 PSY 455 Introduction to Clinical Practice of Psych

 PSY 422 Beginning Skills in Psych Interviewing

 PSY 443 Behavior Modification

 PSY 470 Psychology and Law

 PSY 473 Training in Business and Industry

 15 hours of Psychology electives                                

*Only offered in fall of odd years.


Because of transferring credits and WKU-O course offerings, the length of time to finish this program differs for each student. It is important to meet with a WKU-O advisor as soon as possible. Bring an unofficial copy of transcripts from all previously attended colleges and/or universities. It is also important to determine your availability to take courses: part-time, full-time, summer term.

WKU-O Academic Requirements:

  • 120 college-level undergraduate semester hours including the following:

- 44 semester hours of General Education

- 42 semester hours of upper-division credit (300-400 level courses)

- 30 hours must be earned in residence (at WKU), at least 16 of which must be completed after the semester in which the student earned a cumulative total of at least 90 hours.

  • Students must earn a minimum of 54 semester hours with WKU to graduate with honors.
  • Students must apply for graduation upon the completion of 90 semester hours.
  • Students are to meet with an advisor each semester.


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