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OU Campus

We hope you will find this site helpful when managing your website in OU Campus.  Use the menu at the left to navigate through the site.  

About OU Campus

OU Campus is a content management system (CMS) product by OmniUpdate that WKU has purchased to help manage web content. After a rigorous selection process in committee, OU Campus was ultimately selected because of its flexibility and capability.

OmniUpdate's OU Campus product is currently deployed by over 500 universities world-wide.  They are considered a leading CMS provider for higher education.

Are we missing anything?

Doubtful (jk!), but if you have any suggestions for things that might be helpful for us to put on this site, feel free to email webmaster@wku.edu.

Newly Released and Upcoming Topics

Please see our OU Campus News page for the latest information on OU Campus.

OU Campus News

Move to v10 Postponed

The move to OU Campus v10 has been postponed.

Slider Option

We have added the slider option to all new standard pages for all template families.

Asset Delete Process Complete

The asset delete process has been completed.

Asset Delete Working

You should now be able to delete and publish assets.

Trouble Deleting/Publishing Assets

We are currently experiencing problems when trying to delete or publish gallery or form assets.

List of Assets to be Deleted

We have compiled a list of assets that are scheduled to be deleted on Monday, February 24.

Asset Cleanup

We will be performing an asset cleanup - and your asset might get deleted! Better read up...

Clean Up Assets....Please!

We need your help. We currently have over 500 assets that are not tied to a page - and most of these assets have never even been published. Time for them to go!

Image Editor for Safari 6.1 and 7.0 Fix

OmniUpdate has found a work around for the image editor in Safari.

Java Update for Mac Will Break Image Editor

OmniUpdate has found that the Image Editor in OU Campus will not work properly with the latest Safari/Java update to Safari 6.1

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 Last Modified 5/19/14