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Snippets Overview

Snippets are inserted into the page using the WYSIWYG Editor and become a part of the page. They provide an easier and standardize way to insert design / content elements.  Some examples include tabs, FAQ drop down lists and Custom Headers.  The objective of snippets is to give users without html experience the ability to create more complex elements.

Most of our snippets are what we call Table Transformations.  In the WYSIWYG it will look like a table, however in Preview Mode within OUCampus and when your file is published out it will "Transform" into typically a more complex set of code.  Currently we have the following Snippets:

  • Display Headers: Tan Header with Black Pointer (fixed width)
  • Navigation: JQuery Accordion
  • Navigation: JQuery Tabs
  • FAQs: JQuery FAQs

If you have a new type of snippet you would like to see added, please just email webmaster@wku.edu and let them know.  If they think it is broad enough that all of campus can use, they will add it.

You can add a snippet to a page through two different methods.  You can add a snippet from the Snippet Gadget, or you can add them through the WYSIWYG.

Adding Snippet through WYSIWYG
  1. Click the Insert Predefined Snippet Content icon from the WYSIWYG.

    WYSIWYG Snippet Icon

  2. From the Category drop down, select a Category.

    Select a Category

  3. Select a snippet to be inserted from the Snippets list.

    Snippets, Select Snippet

  4. The chosen snippet is shown in the Preview window.

    Preview the Snippet

  5. Click Insert.

The snippet can now be modified to meet the needs of the page using the WYSIWYG.

 Last Modified 5/17/14