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Checked Out Content Overview

The Checked Out Content report gives you the ability to view all checked out content checked out by you. You can see both pages and assets.

The Checked Out Content report includes:

  • Number of items checked out
  • The ability to filter by the Name or Checked Out By columns
  • Sorting by file type, file path and asset name, status, checked out by, or checked out date
  • Multi-selecting checkbox or individually selecting checkboxes to check-in en masse
  • Clicking the status icon to check in content

Checked Out Content Report

Checking in a Single File

To view a record of all the checked out pages and assets in a site and check the content back in:

  1. Navigate to Reports > Checked Out Content.
    Reports > Checked Out Content
  2. Hover over the status icon for the appropriate file and click.
    Checking In a Checked Out File
Checking in Multiple Files

Multiple files may also be checked in at a time. 

  1. Navigate to Reports > Checked Out Content
  2. Use the checkboxes to the left of the files to select the desired files.
  3. Click Check In from the top row.
    Check In Multiple Files
  4. A success message is shown at the bottom of the screen confirming the check in of multiple files.
    Success Message for Checking In Multiple Files
 Last Modified 5/17/14