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DM Tag Info Gadget Overview

The DM Tag Info gadget is a sidebar gadget that provides the search functionality to find and display information about a Dependency Manager tag within all sites for an account. This gadget is useful for when a user is trying to locate all subscribers to a specific product or file. All dependency tags types are supported and the tag syntax is specific to the dependency type; for example, file or page, directory, or asset.

Dependency Manager Gadget

Each individual user can choose whether to show or hide the gadget on the Gadgets sidebar. When a search is performed, information relevant to the tag is displayed. To perform a search, valid search syntax must be used. Either the complete dependency tag with starting and ending double braces can be used or shortened forms can be used. The shortened forms of syntax include using the letter and the number with the colon; e.g., f:456 or just the number associated with a dependency tag: 789. The information that displayed after a search includes:

  • Type: The dependency tag type for a specific product:
    • {{d:####}} — Directory tag
    • {{f:####}} — File/page tag; both binary files and pages use this syntax type
    • {{a:####}} — Asset tag
  • Name: Displays the name of the asset or directory. Name is shown for an asset and directory tag; Product is shown for file and directory tags.
  • Product: The file or directory identified by the tag. Product is shown for file or directory tags.
  • Path: Displays the path to the site root. Path is only shown for file or directory tags.
  • File: Displays the name of the file. File is shown for asset tags.
  • Site: Displays the site name in which the referred-to dependency resides.
  • Subscribers: The Subscribers section displays the pages that subscribe to the dependency. Subscribing pages include a link to preview.

Performing a Dependency Tag Search

Before searching for information about a dependency, it is necessary to have the dependency tag. For a dependency that has been linked to, this can be found in the source code or from tools in the WYSIWYG Editor. For example, when inserting a link to a file, the Insert/Edit Link or Insert/Edit Image tools can be used in the WYSIWYG Editor. Once selected via the tool, the dependency tag is shown.

Select Dependency Tag from WYSIWYG

Dependency tags for assets are shown on the Assets list view:

Asset List Dependency Tag

To perform a dependency tag search using the DM Tag Info gadget:

  1. If the Gadgets sidebar is not visible, click the Show Gadgets icon to view the sidebar. Gadget Sidebar Show Icon
  2. Click the down arrow icon to expand the DM Tag Info gadget.
  3. In the available text field, enter a valid dependency tag using the correct syntax and click Find. The search results will display with relevant information about the dependency.

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